Efficacy of Spine Segments Radiofrequency Denervation


Early and long-term results of radiofrequency facet destruction for 245 patients with cervical, thoracic and lumbar spondyloarthrosis were presented. One hundred six patients (control group) were treated conservatively. Treatment results were assessed by pain syndrome intensity using pain audit. One year after operation good result was observed in 62 (32%) out of 195 patients and satisfactory results — in 117 (60%) patients. That method enabled to eliminate considerably vertebrogenic pain localized in one dermatome when conservative treatment failed. Our experience showed that radiofrequency facet nerves destruction was safe and did not result in soft tissue injuries. All that enabled patients to return to work at maximum short terms.

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Эффективность радиочастотной денервации позвоночных сегментов


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