Experience in Arthroscopic Treatment of Adhesive Shoulder Joint Capsulitis

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Arthroscopic treatment results were presented for 74 patients, aged 38— 69 years, with adhesive capsulitis (78 shoulder joints). In 68 cases idiopathic capsulitis was diagnosed. Tactics of arthroscopic intervention was proposed and surgical procedure was described in detail. Active movements were initiated on 5-7 day. Mean value of shoulder joint function prior to operation made up 11 (7—14) points, in 2 weeks after intervention — 27 (23—30) points that corresponded to good and excellent result. In 6 months after operation range of movements in the operated joint was equal to that in the healthy joint.

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Опыт артроскопического лечения адгезивного капсулита плечевого сустава


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