Treatment of Patients with Elbow Osteoarthrosis I-II Stage by Arthroscopy


Comparative assessment of conventional (control group, 30 patients) and arthroscopic (main group, 16patients) treatment techniques was performed by the treatment outcomes of 46 patients aged 20-50 years with I-II stage of elbow osteoarthrosis and resultant flexion-extension contracture. Elbow function was evaluated by MEPS scale prior to and 1 month after operation. The advantage of arthroscopic intervention that enabled to eliminate intraarticular pathology, to initiate early rehabilitation and provided good functional result at short terms — 91 points in the main group versus 74 points in control one.

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Лечение пациентов с остеоартрозом локтевого сустава I—II стадии методом артроскопии


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