Experience in 500 Total Knee Replacements


Experience of CITO joint replacement department in knee arthroplasty with implants from various manufacturers was analyzed. Implants of three modifications were used: basic, with posterior stabilizer and "semiconstrained" one. Tactics for a choice of optimum construction depending on a disease, gender, degree and type of contracture, degree and type of limb axis curvature was demonstrated and substantiated on the example of 500 operations performed to 426 patients with various knee joint pathology during the period from 2000 to 2010. By the data of clinical and roentgenologic analysis excellent result was achieved in 90 (21%), good inv 277 (65%), satisfactory in 51 (12%) and poor in 8 (2%) patients. This treatment tactics may be considered as an adequate one.

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Опыт 500 тотальных эндопротезирований коленного сустава


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