Use of High Frequency Coblation for the Treatment of Achilles Tendon Diseases


Actuality of the work was conditioned by wide prevalence of Achilles tendon diseases and considerable number of unsatisfactory treatment results. First native experience in use of high frequency coblation for the treatment of patients with Achilles tendon diseases was presented. Intervention was performed in 26 patients with chronic Achilles tendon paratenonitis and tendinitis, and in 8 patients with tendoperiosteopathy of calcaneal tuber. In all cases treatment results were assessed as good: pain syndrome was completely arrested, restoration of tendon and calcaneal aponeurosis thickness and homogeneity as well as regress of fibrosis were observed. Neither intranor postoperative complications were registered.

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Использование высокочастотной коблации при лечении заболеваний ахиллова сухожилия


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