Radiomorphologic Peculiarities and Density of Tibial Cortical Plate at Different Stages of Lengthening


State of maternal bone before and after lengthening was studied using computed tomography in 94 patients with shortening and deformities. It was shown that depending on shortening and deformity etiology the cortical plate possessed typical differences that consisted in different crosssectional shape and density. During distraction and fixation of the limb after its lengthening in the apparatus, cortical plate had a heterogeneous structure with resorption zones of different size and density in all groups of patients. Depending on the disease etiology and amount of lengthening organotypical bone remodeling after lengthening lasted for 1—3 years.

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Рентгеноморфологические особенности и плотность корковой пластинки большеберцовой кости на различных этапах удлинения


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