Tribochemical Component of Oxidative Stress Development at Artificial Joints Implantation. Part 3. Inhibition of Radical-Forming and Antiproliferative Ability of Wear Particles by Antioxidants and Bone Fat


Tsepalov Inhibition ability of certain antioxidants and bone fat upon the oxidative properties of wear particles was studied. It was shown that at presence of wear particles use of BHT and б -tocoferol resulted in an inhibition of cumene oxidation. Treatment of orthopaedic alloys particles with bone fat was also accompanied by complete inhibition of oxidation reaction and duration of effect depended on the content of bone fat antioxidants. Addition of bone fat into mixture of alloy and polyethylene particles prevented the development of free-radical reactions ana potential oxidative destruction ofpolymer. Treatment of alloy particles with bone fat considerably reduced their negative influence upon human bone marrow osteogenic cells.

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Трибохимический компонент развития окислительного стресса при имплантации искусственных суставов. Часть 3. Ингибирование радикалообразующей и антипролиферативной способности частиц износа антиоксидантами и костным жиром


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