Use of Enoxaparin and Dabigatran for Thrombosis Prevention After Total Knee Replacement


Comparative analysis of dabigatran etaxilate and enoxaparin sodium use for prevention of vena cava inferior system thrombosis in patients after total knee replacement in early postoperative period was performed. In 74 patients (1 st group) dabigatran etaxilate and in 127 (2 nd group) enoxaparin sodium was used as a preventive measure. The rate of thrombosis made up 1.35% and 2.4% in the first and second groups, respectively. No significant difference in the volume of perioperative blood loss between the groups was noted. No other hemorrhagic complications were observed. It was shown that in more convenient peroral administration the dabigatran etaxilate efficacy and safety was comparable to enoxaparin sodium.

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Применение эноксапарина и дабигатрана для профилактики тромбозов после тотального эндопротезирования коленного сустава


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