Comparative Study of Certain Serum Markers in Experimental Osteosynthesis Using Implants with Titanium Nitride and Hafnium Coating


Simulation of intramedullary osteosynthesis was performed at experimental tibia fracture in 30 rabbits, 6-7 months aged. In main group pins from medical steel coated by mixture of titanium nitride and hafnium were used, in comparative group pins without coating were used. Comparative study of certain biochemical blood indices, P and Ca content was performed. It was shown that application of implants coated by titanium nitride and hafnium that possessed high firmness and chemical stability did not cause additional reactive changes in experimental animals as compared with implants of medical steel. It confirmed the prospects of bioinert titanium nitride and hafnium coated nanotechnologic implants application for prevention of possible individual intolerance of metals.

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Сравнительное изучение ряда сывороточных маркеров при экспериментальном остеосинтезе имплантатами с покрытием нитридами титана и гафния


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