Reduction of Shoulder Dislocation by Dzhanelidze


The most physiologic and low invasive method for reduction of anterior shoulder dislocation is Dzhanelidze technique that has been proposed in about 100 years ago. However this technique is not often applied in practical work. The authors have analyzed the efficacy of original Dzhanelidze technique at treatment of 6 patients and its popularity among practical trauma- and orthopaedic surgeons (n=54) from different hospitals in Vladivostok and Primorski Territory. It is shown that original shoulder dislocation reduction technique by Dzhanelidze without morphine use is not effective. Out of all surgeons who participated in questionnaire survey only 10 (18.5%) specialists apply Dzhanelidze method in practice. Physicians use various modifications of this method that considerably differ from the original technique. Description of Dzhanelidze technique in modern textbooks and manuals of surgery and traumatology are contradictory and significantly differ from the author’s technique.

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Вправление вывиха плеча по Джанелидзе


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