Surgical Treatment of Severe Spine Deformity in Patients with Spinal Muscular Atrophy

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Two-step surgical treatment was conducted in a 17 year old woman with extremely severe kyphoscoliotic deformity on the background of spinal muscular atrophy. At first step a ring of haloapparatus was assembled and gradual halotraction was performed in an armchair within 21 days. Second step included dorsal correction and stabilization of scoliosis by hybrid fixation system at Th3-L4 level with pelvis fixation. As a result of surgical intervention a proper trunk balance was formed, pelvic deformity was diminished, selfservice and use of wheelchair in a sitting position was improved.

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Хирургическое лечение тяжелой деформации позвоночника у пациентки со спинальной мышечной атрофией


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