Influence of Bone Morphogenetic Protein in Composition of Biocomposite Material upon Osteogenesis and Bone Mineralization


Influence of bone morphogenetic protein (BMP-2) in its local application in combination with demineralized lyophilized bone implant (DLBI) upon the process of osteogenesis and bone mineral density in the zone of surgical intervention and the whole segment (tibia) was studied in experiment (40 rats). The animals were divided into 2 groups. In animals from the study group the defect zone was filled with both DLBI and BMP-2 while in control group only with DLBI. In evaluation of morphologic changes by points at terms 7 and 12 weeks no reliable differences between the groups were noted. However at 12 weeks in study group cases of marked osteogenesis with full remodeling of bone implant were observed. It was shown that use of BMP-2 in combination with DLBI reliably increased bone mineral density both in the zone of surgical intervention and in the segment as a whole. That fact was regarded as the evidence of BMP-2 positive effect upon the mechanical strength of the forming regenerate.


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