Endoprothesis of the Ankle Joint at Defeat by Tumours of Distal Part of Tibia


In a current of two years with 2008 for 2010, to six patients with primary malignant and aggressively benign bone tumors of the distal tibia executed six operations, in value of tumor resection with the subsequent reconstruction of defect by an ankle joint endoprosthesis. In group of patients there were five males and one female, with a mean age of 30 years. Among the treated patients 2 were with an osteosarcoma, 2 with Ewing's sarcoma and 2 with giant cell tumor. The mean duration of follow-up after the operation was 14,7 months (7 to 28). Reconstruction of the distal tibia defect was carried out using oncological modular endoprosthesis of the ankle joint. Common free of recurrence surviving during 2,4 years was 83%. Progressing of the primary disease is revealed in 50 % in the form of occurrence of the remote metastasis in lungs. A mean functional result assessed with the using of the MSTS system and consisted 75%. During the whole period of supervision no patient of six had complications such as periprosthesis infection, instability of a design of endoprosthesis or its fracture. At one patient with the diagnosis an osteosarcoma, through a floor of year after endoprosthesis, revealed a local recurrence during the spent of conservative treatment, in communication, with what amputation has been executed. For achievement of good clinical and functional result observance of indications to carrying out of reconstructive operations of area of an ankle joint, careful selection of patients taking into account effect on the spent conservative treatment is necessary.


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