Determination of Indications to Surgical Treatment and Choice of Surgical Approaches in Complicated Complex Acetabular Fractures


Experience in surgical treatment of 65 patients with complex fractures of the acetabulum is presented. All patients underwent open reposition with internal fixation of fragments by reconstructive plates. Basic moments of the performance of portals to acetabulum, steps of reposition and fixation in multi-segment comminuted fractures are described. Algorithm for determination of indications to surgical treatment of complex acetabular fractures was determined. Clinical and roentgenologic results were studied at terms from 1 to 9 years. Excellent results were established in 39.5%, good and satisfactory in 34.9%, poor in 25.6% of patients. It was shown that in complex bi-columned fractures the technique of open osteosynthesis was the most effective when used within the first 3 weeks after injury. Simultaneous use of anterior and posterior accesses considerably facilitated the performance of reposition and stabilization of multi-segment comminuted fractures and enabled to achieve favorable treatment results.


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