Use of Vicrуl Rapide in Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery


Quick-Absorbable Suture Vicryl Rapide was used at surgical treatment of 112 patients with various injuries and diseases of the hand and upper extremity for wounds closure. Wounds were closed by intradermal (34 patients) and external (78) sutures. Time of ligatures resorption and loss of strength as well as local response of tissues to suture material were analyzed in post-operative period. Complications that developed in 2 (1.8%) cases were not specific to Vicryl Rapide. External knots of intradermal suture were easily removed in all patients on day 14 after surgery. In 72 patients with external sutures complete loss of ligatures strength was noted during the period from 13th to 21st postoperative day (mean in 15.8±2.3 days). No local tissue reaction was observed. In external sutures the time of ligatures resorption and loss of strength was slightly higher than indicated in instruction. Use of Vicrуl Rapide in hand and upper extremity surgery is effective and safe.


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