Treatment of Patients with Bilateral Pelvic Fractures


Treatment results of 48 patients with bilateral pelvic injuries were analyzed. In all cases surgical treatment using combination of external and internal fixators was performed. That technique enabled to achieve excellent anatomic and functional results in 78-87% of cases with B2 and C3 injuries by OTA/AO classification. Authors consider that the main principle of operative treatment is the conversion of bilateral injuries to unilateral ones. Perspective method for the realization of this principle is application of module external fixation device with fixation of posterior pelvic segments. It enables to modify the location and construction of reposition angles during treatment. Elimination or diminution of the value of multidirectional pelvic deformity and additional fixation of the rotation component provides earlier functional restoration of patients with bilateral pelvic injuries. Taking into account the high risk of deformity recurrence in C3 injuries, after closed reposition by external fixation device transosseous osteosynthesis should be supplemented with internal fixation.

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I L Shlykov

N L Kuznetsova


M V Agalakov


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