Intra-articular Therapy of Osteoarthritis Using Drugs on the Base of Blood Serum


Comparison of biochemical composition and biophysical properties showed the pathogenetic expediency of blood serum use as a corrector of synovial environment in joints affected by osteoarthritis. For serum modification the patients were preliminary given a single dose of drug only. Then patient's blood was collected in the period of its maximum saturation by preparation. Serum obtained was applied in patients with knee joint osteoarthritis of 2-3 stages using three intra-articular injections. The evaluation of treatment results 5-6 months after treatment completion showed a significantly better and more stable therapeutic effect in test group as compared with patients from control group. Positive effect was stipulated by pain decrease, normalization of articular tissue trophicity, depression of local inflammation and cartilage lubrication improvement.


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