Joint Replacement in Femoral Neck Fractures


Results of joint replacement in femoral neck fractures have been analyzed. During the period from 1994 to 2003 total hip replacement was performed to 399 patients with subcapital fractures including 372 patients in whom the operation was performed as a primary intervention. From 2002 to 2004 the total number of 290 hemiarthroplasty operations with use of module native implant was performed in 286 patients aged 76-101 years. In total joint replacement group intrahospital lethality made up 2% due to the following causes: pulmonary thrombembolia - 3 cases, acute cardiac insufficiency - 1 case, deep decubitus ulcers resulting in sepsis - 2 cases, polyorganic insufficiency on the background of severe concomitant pathology - 1 case. In the early postoperative period the following complications were noted: implant dislocation (5.2% of cases), intraoperative femoral fracture (3.5%). Infectious complications developed in 2 patients and in both cases removal of the implant was required. With mean-term follow-up native implants showed mean-term survival of 92-94% in 272 patients. Mean evaluation by Harris was the following: biometric «Sinko» and «ESI» implants - 83.1 points, PF «Sinko» implants - 89.3 points, combination of «Mathys» friction pair with native femoral component - 91.2 points. «Mathys» implants showed 94.6 points. Results of ЯРТЕЗ joint replacement were evaluated during the period from 1 to 3 years in 183 patients. Intrahospital lethality made up 1.8%. Excellent and good results were achieved in 53.7% of patients. Revision was required in 1.5% of cases. As concluded total hip replacement in femoral neck fracture was the effective treatment technique. It was reasonable both cement and cementless fixation with various implants for the optimum choice of implant in every specific patient. Use of modern module implants enabled to expand the indications for application of arthroplasty in elderly patients.


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