Bone-Plastic Reconstruction of Proximal Femur in Patients with Femoral Neck Fractures and Pseudarthroses


Rehabilitation potential of medializing valgus osteotomy with formation of bone lock by Konforti-Ivanov and reconstructive bone-plastic operation by Luck was studied in 122 patients with femoral neck fractures and pseudarthroses. The guarantee of surgical intervention efficacy is differentiated approach to the choice of treatment technique with due regard for the peculiarities of proximal femur injuries, stable functional osteosynthesis in combination with dynamic compression of bone fragments by tightening bows with shape memory effect. Good treatment results with long lasting functional effect achieved in 104 (89.7%) patients allowed to recommend using organ saving reconstructive plastic operations as an alternative to joint replacement in patients without presence of coxarthrosis and pathologic femoral head transformation.


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