New Means for Evaluation of Volumetric Microhemodynamics of Loco-Motor System Tissues with Laser Doppler Flowmetry


Twenty eight volunteers and 46patients (18 with old complete anatomic rupture of n. medianus (CARN), 14 with intratrancal neuroma after failed priamary suture, 14 with partial anatomic nerve lesion (PANL)) were examined using laser doppler flowmetry (LDF) of fingers skin in red (R) and infrared (IR) diaposons and wavelet-analysis of oscillations of microvascular blood flow. Formulae for calculation of indicis of local volumetric total (VTBF), nutritious (NVBF), shunting (VSBF) microvascular cutaneous blood flow, resistence to blood inflow anf outflow, microvascular pressure were suggested. Reliable positive correlation of temperature with NVBF and VTBF in red diapason was shown. The advantages of volumetric LDF parameters in old CARN were demonstrated. In old CARH and In intratrancal neuroma the decrease of VTBF with deficit of NVBF was noted. Correlation between VTBF in red and infrared diaposons enabled to assess the distribution of cutaneous blood flow in vertical plane. This methods allows to detect the causes of nutritious blood flow disturbance and to choose the correction tecnique. The advantages of LDF-indicis are its uninvasiveness, innocuity, possibilities to perform dynamic control and obtain information.


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