Use of Artificial Movement Correction and Orthotics in Complex Conservative Treatment of Patients with Lumbar-Sacral Osteochondrosis


Examination and treatment results of 925 patients with lumbar-sacral ostechondrosis are analyzed. Two groups of patients were defined: patients with mainly chronic recurrent radiculitis and patients with radiculoneuritis. Complex approach to the treatment included pain relief, orthotics and artificial movement correction using muscular electrostimulation at walking. Studies using biomechanic and electrophysiologic methods showed high efficacy of that medical rehabilitation complex. Orthotics provided fixation and unloading of the spine, promoted elimination of pain syndrome. Use of corset and artificial movement correction resulted in pain relief, normalization of biomechanic and innervative gait structure, achievement of firm long remission.

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A A Skoblin

A A Skoblin


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