Surgical Treatment in Comminuted Humerus Condyle Fractures of С Type by AO/ASIF Classification


Case reports of 61 patients with comminuted humerus condyle fractures were analyzed. In 58 patients the fractures were of С type by AO/ASIF classification. Basing on retrospective study of radiograms and surgical protocol the diagnosis was defined more precisely: in 72.2%o of cases the most severe fractures, i.e. of CI and C2 type, were determined. All patients were operated on. In 55 patients open reposition and osteosynthesis were carried out. In the majority of cases (68.9%) Y-shape plate was used for fixation. In 4 patients with CI and C2 fractures intraosseous osteosynthesis with rods was performed. In 4 other patients with C3 fractures osteosynthesis with bone autoplasty of the central area of condyle block was done. Two patients with the same type of fracture underwent total elbow replacement. In multicomminuted condyle fractures osteosynthesis with screws and pins as well as external immobilization for 3 weeks were performed. In the other cases the joint movements were started by 7-10 days after operation.


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