Conception of Artificial Movement Correction Use in Orthopaedics, Traumatology and Prosthetics


Principles and methods of artificial movement correction (AMC) with muscle electrostimulation during pathologic gait were considered. It was shown that the most important peculiarity of AMC was phase conformity of artificial and natural irritation as well as construction of muscles at movement. Electrostimulation in M zone, when muscle activity at movement is the maximum one, is obligatory. The main functions of AMC were detected: i.e. therapeutic, diagnostic and prognostic. Indications and contraindications for FMC application as well as technological operation were determined. Clinical and instrumentation evaluation of AMC results in certain pathologic changes of loco-motor system, i.e. cms stump, I-II degree of scoliotic deformity, non-union and pseudoarthrosis of bone cms is given.


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