Scientific works of Professor T.Ya. Aryev – the first head of the department of thermal lesions of the Military Medical Academy them. CM. Kirov for the period 1932–1945

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Abstract. The subject of scientific research of the first head of the department of thermal lesions of the Military Medical Academy. CM. Kirov Professor Tuviy Yakovlevich Aryev. The presentation of the material is carried out in chronological order and is tied to those events that occurred in the life of a then-young scientist. The role of family members and scientific leaders in choosing a specialty, making a decision on the beginning of scientific work and the research topic, which has become central during the historical period under consideration, is shown. The high quality of the research is indicated by the publication of the results of T.Ya. Aryev in German and French scientific journals. The growth of professional skills was facilitated by the admission to the Department of General Surgery at the Military Medical Academy. The role of the head – Professor S.S. Girgolava manifested itself in the fact that two years after the start of research, the monograph «Frostbite» was written, and a dissertation was successfully defended a year later. The knowledge gained, the development of the principles and methods of performing scientific work have become an integral feature of T.Ya. Aryeva. Even during a business trip to the armed conflict zone on the Halki-Gol River, he was able to collect material and perform a number of works related to the characteristics of surgical combat trauma of that period. The subsequent analysis of the results of the treatment of wounded with frostbite during the Soviet-Finnish War formed the basis for the development of fundamentally new proposals for the prevention, diagnosis and medical care of victims of frostbite at the stages of medical evacuation. New techniques have contributed to increasing the effectiveness of medical support for troops during the Great Patriotic War.

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About the authors

V. A. Sokolov

Military medical academy of S.M. Kirov

Author for correspondence.

Russian Federation, Saint Petersburg

S. A. Mamaeva

Military medical academy of S.M. Kirov


Russian Federation, Saint Petersburg

Ya. L. Butrin

Military medical academy of S.M. Kirov


Russian Federation, Saint Petersburg


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