Vol 19, No 3 (2011)


The morphological analysis of age changes of an arterial wall

Efimov A.A.


Results of research of age changes of elastic properties of an arterial wall are presented. The area of an internal surface of the allocated aorta, perimeter of the allocated aorta, contractility factor and the area of fragments of the right and left carotids, humeral and femoral arteries taken in a complex from 126 corpses of persons male and female died at the age from 17 till 94 years old are analyzed. Age indicators of elastic properties of an arterial wall are allocated quantitative and informative from morphological positions. Use of methods of parametrical statistics and the correlation analysis has proved expediency of their application by working out of a technique of definition of biological age of the person.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2011;19(3):8-12
pages 8-12 views

Morphological answer the gastric mucosa on contamination of different vital forms of pyloric helicobacter

Leonteva N.I., Shcherbakov I.T., Gracheva N.M., Khrennikov B.N., Shcherbakova E.G., Partinthe O.S.


Нistopathological and gistobakteriological methods studied 178 biopsies of mucosa antrum and fundus of the stomach, obtained from 100 patients with «chronic gastroduodenitis». It was established that various vital forms of pyloric helicobacter (twisted, rod-and coccus) cause one type of chronic helicobacter gastritis, but different activity of the pathological process.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2011;19(3):13-17
pages 13-17 views

Morphological changes of inner organs and immunity system at mice balb/c in remote period after splenectomy

Nechay V.V.


In experimental investigations on male-mice Balb/c studied morphological changes in lungs, myocardium, liver, kidney, thymus and lymphatic glands after splenectomy at 30 th and 60 th day. Morphology facts showed about infection and inflammatory process, that originated by secondary immunodeficit status in remote period after splenectomy.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2011;19(3):18-21
pages 18-21 views

Syndrome of dyspepsia and changes in gastroduodenal mucosa in the patients with acute viral hepatitises A and B

Karaseva E.A., Martinov V.A., Klochkov I.N., Nikiforov A.A.


Syndrome of dyspepsia, mucosa of the gastroduodenal area based on the grounds of fibroezofagogastroduodenoscopy, Helicobacter pylori infection have been studied in the patients with acute viral hepatitises A and B. 122 patients with AVHA and AHVB have been investigated. Dyspepsia both AVHA and AVHB has been diagnosed with the same frequancy. Fibroezofagogastroduodenoscopy showed acute erosions and ulcers of gastroduodenal mucosa, or different forms of gastritis and gastroduodenitis. High frequency of Helicobacter pylori infection has been diagnosed in AVHA and AVHB which didn’t affect dyspeptic symptomatic and character of gastroduodenal mucosa lesions in investigated patients.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2011;19(3):22-26
pages 22-26 views

Serotoninergic structures strengthens vagal responses of the duodenum

Sveshnikov D.S., Smirnov V.M.


The purpose of the study is to determine interaction between parasympathetic division of ANS and serotoninergic structures that regulate duodenal motility. Experiments were performed in 29 Chinchilla rabbits under general anesthesia, mechanical ventilation and bilateral vagotomy. Mechanical and electrical activity of the duodenum was recorded during electrical stimulation of the peripheral part of the right n.vagi in intact animals and after serotonin adipate injection. Found that serotonin enhances vagal effects of the duodenum increasing as power of reactions as their duration. Concluded that the serotoninergic structures, which control duodenal motility, are able to interact to parasympathetic division of ANS.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2011;19(3):27-29
pages 27-29 views

The study of anthihypoxic and antiischemic activity of phytoecdysterone

Shchulkin A.V., Davydov V.V., Yakusheva E.N., Krasnolobov A.G.


In this research it is established that the phytoecdysterone (PE) administration (per os, 5 mg/kg) for 7 and 14 days increases resistance of the nonlinear white rats to an acute hypobaric hypoxic hypoxia. PE administration for 3, 7 and 14 days increased resistance of isolated cardiomyocytes to acute total ischemia. These effects may be related to the ability of the PE (daily administration within 7 days) to increase the glycogen content in the brain, in the myocardium and in the liver, glucose – in the brain and in the myocardium, catalase activity in the liver, glutathioneperoxidase activity in the brain and to decrease lactate levels in the brain and MDA levels in the liver.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2011;19(3):30-36
pages 30-36 views

Aging of the population of the Nizhniy Novgorod region as a part of demographic development of the Russian Federation of last decades

Pozdnyakova M.A., Semisynov S.О.


In article the demographic characteristic of the elderly population of the Nizhniy Novgorod region in comparison with the data across the Russian Federation as a whole is presented. The basic tendencies of demographic processes are considered and their principal causes are designated.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2011;19(3):37-42
pages 37-42 views

The accessibility of gynecological care for eldery women living in countryside

Uspenskaya I.V., M Pristupa E.M.


The assessment of accessibility of gynaecological care for elderly women at rural health care areas is based upon the data of medical and sociological studies. The authors revealed significant difference in gynaecological morbidity among countrywomen according to accessibility of competent medical care.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2011;19(3):43-47
pages 43-47 views

Risk factors and quality of life in patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia

Sevryukov F.A., Kamaev I.A., Grib M.N., Perevezentsev E.A., Malinina O.Y., Yelina J.A.


The article presents a review of the literature on the major issues propagation prevalence of benign prostatic hyperplasia, we consider the major risk factors for diseases, assess the quality of life, or patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2011;19(3):48-52
pages 48-52 views

Subjective and objective assessment of health of primary school aged children

Kicha D.I., Khudaybergenova M.V., Fomina A.V., Konovalov O.E., Sukhinin M.V.


The article presents a comparative description of the health assessments of children of primary school age according to the results of preventive medical examinations (objective score) and parents' questionnaires (subjective assessment).
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2011;19(3):53-56
pages 53-56 views

Assessment of risk factors and clinical tool features CHD at various conditions coronary arteries in women

Loshakova O.D.


106 women with CAD were evaluated. Clinicodemographic features, ECG-results, cardiac ultrasound, Holter monitoring, laboratory tests, CAD risk factors, quality of life were analyzed. Selective risk factors presence such as elderly age, diabetes mellitus, early menopause or association of two first factors promote to appearance expressed atherosclerosis of coronary artery. In comparison with the literature data we establish high enough percent of women with presence intact coronary vessels according to coronaroangiography.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2011;19(3):57-62
pages 57-62 views

Innovation technologies in sanatorium treatment of climacteric syndrome

Malygina E.P., Sokolov A.V.


The results of the work are based on inspection and treatment of 120 women with climakteriс syndrome, who underwent treatment in Clinical sanatorium «Priokskie daly» OOO «Gazprom transgaz Moscow» during the period 2007-2010y. The research has shown that level of funkcional reserves of organism in menoapauzal period whose low, and application of a course of low-frequency complex-modulated bioresonant electrotherapy with using of devise «HiTop» raises efficiency of complex rehabilitation treatment. Thus most expressed improvement of clinic-functional condition is noted in the control group of patients.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2011;19(3):63-68
pages 63-68 views

Clinical manifestations of endocrine orbitopathy in patients with autoantibodies to tireoperoksidaze vehicles

Likhvantseva V.G., Sviridenko N.Y., Rudenko E.A., Gontyurova O.A., Vygodin V.A.


The authors conducted a comparative analysis of clinical manifestations of endocrine orbitopathy in patients with Graves disease, depending on whether the presence of antibodies to tireoperoksidaze and their absence. The paper presents direct evidence to show that the persistence of autoantibodies to tireoperoksidaze endocrine orbitopathy affecting clinical manifestations. The Group of patients living with antibodies to SLIP more expressed above proptosis, eyelid edema and oculomotor disorders. Clinical evidence substantiated mul′tispiral′ computed tomography.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2011;19(3):69-74
pages 69-74 views

Relationship of some features of the flow alcohol and erectile dysfunction

Krupnov A.N., Shustov D.I.


To verify interrelations between features of a current alcohol dependence and erectile dysfunction, we have investigated 80 men having erectile dysfunction and alcohol dependence. As a result of the investigation it’s found: rate progression of the alcoholic dependence has more correlations with features erectile dysfunction, than regular the alcohol uses. The above rate of progression, the severity level erectile dysfunction is more strongly expressed.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2011;19(3):75-79
pages 75-79 views

Influence phytoecdysteroides on a condition of the psychological status sick of a psoriasis

Terentyev S.J., Yermoshina N.P.


The analysis of influence of preparations phytoecdysteroides in complex treatment sick of a psoriasis on their psychological characteristics is presented. Thus there is a considerable improvement of a psycho-emotional condition of patients that proves to be true normalization of indicators of a psychodiagnostic complex «Status PSY».
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2011;19(3):80-86
pages 80-86 views

Mid-term results of combined endovascular and surgical treatment of cancer of the rectum

Korotkich N.N., Olshanskiy M.S.


In this article new interventional method of preoperative simultaneous one stage selective lipiodol oil chemoembolization of the main rectal arteries is described. Essentionaly authors attempted transcatheter selective chemoembolization of different rectal arteries originated from different vascular system to improve clinical result of intra-arterial chemotherapy of rectal cancer. This method can be successfully used in complex treatment of locoregional rectal cancer. By objective methods such as MRI and ultrasound study positive influence of selective transcatheter chemoembolization of upper, middle and inferior rectal arteries on clinical condition of patients, resolving of partial colonic obstruction, significant decrease of the tumor size and reduction of number of lymphatic nodes were confirmed.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2011;19(3):87-93
pages 87-93 views

Psycho-vegetative status of colorectal cancer patients

Semionkin E.I.


The article is concerned with psycho-vegetative status of patients with colorectal cancer before and after surgical treatment in hospital. The received data indicate pronounced psycho-vegetative dysfunction that requires surgical treatment in combination with correction of disturbances.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2011;19(3):94-96
pages 94-96 views

Venous thromboembolic complications after high amputation for chronic critical ischemia

Schwalbe P.G., Baranov S.V.


Analyzed the frequency of venous thromboembolism after high amputation for chronic critical limb ischemia. It is shown that ultrasonography of deep veins have to be performed in all patients who had undergone high amputation for chronic critical limb ischemia, irrespective of the presence or absence of edema of the stump for the diagnosis of asymptomatic thrombosis in the postoperative period. Routine prophylaxis of thromboembolic complications allows 2-fold lower their rates after amputation of the thigh.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2011;19(3):97-103
pages 97-103 views

Dispensary management of patients with venous thromboembolic complications

Kalinin R.E., Suchkov I.A., Narizhniy M.V.


This article represents the results of dispensary managent of patients with venous thromboembolic complications. All the patients were admitted to the dispensary after discharge from vascular surgery department. Deep venous thrombosis group included 101 patients who underwent conservative treatment, 90 patients who received both conservative treatment and implantation of permanent vena cava filter «Corona», and 74 patients who underwent resection of a main deep vein. 28% patients had anamnestic pulmonary thromboembolism (PTE). Only 3.9% patients who underwent conservative threatment without surgical prophylaxis of PTE had recurrent thromboembolism of pulmonary artery during the period of dispensary management. Comparative analysis revealed a 2-times higher incidence of deep venous thrombosis in contralateral extremity after surgical methods of prophylaxis. According to the research results, dynamic observation of patients as well as timely control and correction of therapy allowed to significantly improve the efficacy of treatment and reduce the number of complications. Efficient programs of treatment and rehabilitation developed individually for each patient with venous thromboembolic complications allow for the effective treatment of thrombosis, impediment of the recurrence, and improvement of patient’s quality of life.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2011;19(3):104-109
pages 104-109 views

Comparison of the effectiveness of substances in experimental epithelialized corneal burn

Sevost'yanov A.E., Sokolov V.A., Mnikhovich M.V.


Produced a morphological comparison of the regenerative properties of the pilot burn the cornea of rabbit. Treatment of the product of Dili in the main group of ecdysterone in the control group – akto-veginom. Revealed the acceleration of epithelialization anterior corneal epithelium using ecdysterone compared to Actovegin. At different periods of observation of the defect area of the epithelium in the treatment of ecdysterone was significantly lower than control by 1.8 times, confirming the histological examination.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2011;19(3):110-113
pages 110-113 views

Results microscopic examination of cavities filling teeth with various composite materials light-cured

Elgina A.N., Morozova S.I., Chen W., Ogneva A.N.


On the base of results of microscopic investigation of 66 human teeth with carious cavities, which are filled by light-cured materials, are removed from walls of carious cavities and stay on these walls only by small regions after the process of decalcination. Regions of Charisma Allert, Admira Flow, Valux Plus, Filtek Z250 have big size and are normally fixed on dentine of teeth. There is full loose of material in case of use of V.L.C. Composite.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2011;19(3):114-120
pages 114-120 views

The study of carbohydrate and amino acid composition of Otites parviflorus herb

Erofeeva N.S., Darmogray V.N., Fursa N.S.


The carbohydrate and amino acid composition of Otites parviflorus herb was determined.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2011;19(3):121-129
pages 121-129 views

The peculiarities of surface chemical modification of detonation nanodiamonds by amino compounds

Yakovlev R.J.


The possibility to covalently bind the amino compounds and glycine with the detonation nanodiamonds surface was shown. The functionalized nanodiamonds were studied by IR-, Raman-spectroscopy and XPS methods. The luminescence was discovered in case of such nanodiamonds which depended on the chemical structure of the grafting molecular layer. The perspective of such nanodiamonds application was shown for visualization of drug delivery systems.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2011;19(3):130-135
pages 130-135 views

The modern views of the phenomenon of co-dependent behavior in alcohol addiction (review of literature data)

Merinov A.V., Shustov D.I., Fedotov I.A.


The article is devoted to the review of the modern literary data regarding the co-dependent behavior. In this work we make a detailed analysis of approaches to the definition of this phenomenon, we consider the psychological characteristics of a co-dependent personality and the principal mechanisms of formation of similar relationships. Separately we study the dynamics of marriage in case of addict-co-dependent relationships including the attitude of system approach. In the light of the theoretical bases discussed we deal with the modern approaches to therapy.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2011;19(3):136-141
pages 136-141 views

Characteristic of p-glycoprotein as a drug peptide transporter

Yakusheva E.N., Chernykh I.V., Biruicova A.S.


Review characterizes the urgency of problem, chemical properties of P-glycoprotein substrates, structure, functions, localization of peptide transporter, factors influencing P-glycoprotein activity.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2011;19(3):142-148
pages 142-148 views

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