Vol 24, No 2 (2016)


Number of arterial trunks in the anterior perforated substance of brain in men aged 25-60 years

Timofeev V.E., Pavlov A.V.


The article presents the results of the study number of vessels in the arterial network of the anterior perforated substance of the brain in men 25-60 years old. The study showed that the middle cerebral artery is the main source of the arteries in the area. Its branches make up 55,5% of all arteries. The branches of the anterior cerebral artery account for 24,4%, other arteries are branches of the anterior and posterior communication arteries. Right arterial network is significantly more than the left. Excluding the anterior and posterior communication arteries the difference is 13%, and with their account 4%.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2016;24(2):6-12
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Study of L-carnitine effect on the activity of cathepsins B, L, H, and oxidative modification of proteins in muscle organs of rats

Arapova A.І., Fomina M.A.


We studied the influence of L-carnitine in a dose of 300 mg/kg on the aorta, myocardium and skeletal muscle of the anterior thigh of rats in isolation and in combination with regulators of the synthesis of nitric oxide: L-arginine, L-NAME. Activity of cathepsins B, L and H were studied by spectrofluorimeter method: in sedimentated and non-sedimentated fractions. Oxidative modification of proteins was evaluated by the method of R. L. Levine in modification of E. E. Dubinina. There was an inverse statistically significant strong correlation between the total area of modified proteins and non-sedimentated activity of cathepsin H in the area of the aorta under the action of the isolated carnitine at a dose of 300 mg/kg; and in the influence of L-NAME at a dose of 25 mg/kg, against the use of carnitine 300 mg/kg notes statistically significant strong direct correlation between change of total area оxidative modification of proteins and non-sedimentated activity of cathepsin L.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2016;24(2):13-20
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The alterations of neurophysiological parameters of the anterior cingulate cortex in the experimental depressive syndrome of different genesis

Abramets I.I., Evdokimov D.V., Zayka T.O.


The rostral anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) is important unit of the brain default mode network. An operation of this network is overset in depressive disorders of different genesis. A hyperactivity of ACC marks this overset. Neurophysiological nature of ACC hyperactivity do not elucidate. It was reproduced a behavioral depression in experiments on the rats evoke by either chronic inflammation of back skin or depletion of level of the monoamines in the brain administration of reserpine. The level of rat depression behavior estimated on the data of scores of forced swimming test. It was ascertained in electrophysi-ological researches on brain slices comprising ACC that depressogenic procedures evoked appearance of pathological synaptic plasticity (analog of the long-term potentiation) in superficial II/III layers pyramidal neurons. This pathological plasticity appeared by increasing of the amplitudes of field EPSPs and their AMPA and NMDA components; it was due by gain of the presynaptic glutamate releasing and possible rising of the postsynaptic receptors chemosensitivity. Pathological synaptic plasticity occluded tetanus-induced longterm potentiation in these layers of ACC. The neurophysiological changes in deep V layer of ACC were inconsiderable, however it was ascertained inhibition of tetanus-induced long-term potentiation expression.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2016;24(2):21-30
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Assessment of the accessibility and satisfaction adult population of the Moscow in outpatient care

Serov D.V.


The article assesses the ability to quickly get an appointment to the district physician or a specialist, and shows the satisfaction of surveyed patients that have received medical care. The results of the survey 452 patients who were on outpatient treatment in medical institutions of the first and second levels were used in the article. The study showed that fully satisfied with the results of medical care in these institutions 64,6% of respondents. Proposals of patients for improving the work and medical care in polyclinics were discussed.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2016;24(2):31-37
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Medico-organizational aspects of improvement of the medical care to the population with illnesses and age changes of the skin

Krasilnikova O.N.


Activities of medical institutions for the «dermatovenerology» and «cosmetology» profile on the basis of indicators of health of the population of the Nizhny Novgorod Region are studied. It is established that statistical forms of the accounting of health of the population are imperfect. The remaining prevalence illnesses of a skin and hypodermic fat, age changes of a skin in the conditions of body height of life expectancy define need of creation of the uniform scientific and practical center for dermatologists and cosmetologists.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2016;24(2):38-44
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The ecological-hydrochemical condition of the Ryazan Meshchera lakes

Podol S.R., Popova Z.I.


Identifies the main hydro-chemical parameters of some lakes of the Ryazan Meshchera, including lakes Laskowski, located in the immediate vicinity of the centre. All lakes are of glacial origin and were formed in specific environmental and geochemical conditions of Polesie landscapes. They are characterized by widespread fluvioglacial and ancient alluvial sand deposits, a kind of combination of coniferous forests with marshy areas, a relatively small anthropogenic load. The research established that extremely low TDS water of all lakes, and respectively detected very small concentrations of major macro - and micronutrients. Against this background, a large presence of iron in lake water, which is related to the geochemical background. The signs of pollution, including domestic sewage, in the studied lakes was not detected.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2016;24(2):45-50
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Early diagnostics of carbohydrate metabolism disorders in comparison with other metabolic disorders among employees of internal affairs bodies suffering from hypertension

Shcherbakova O.N.


This article reflects the results of screening patients with hypertension for early diagnosis of diabetes mellitus 2 type (DM 2 type) and associated potential complications. The results showed a high prevalence of carbohydrate metabolism disorders, including first-diagnosed type 2 diabetes. Also, all patients with impaired glucose metabolism had higher body mass index, hyperglycemia and even had signs of kidney damage, which clinically were not evident.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2016;24(2):51-57
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Parameters of internal hydrocephalus in different types of multiple sclerosis

Lorina L.V., Musanapov M.A.


Internal hydrocephalus symmetrically increases with progression of multiple sclerosis. Statistically significant differences (р<0,01) in terms of height and width of lateral ventricles were observed between patient groups with remitting and progressive types of disease. This method can be used to predict the course of disease.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2016;24(2):58-63
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Alcohol poisoning and epidemiological alcoholism parameters in Russia

Razvodovsky Y.E., Zotov P.B.


A comparative analysis of trends in fatal alcohol poisonings and incidence of alcoholism and alcoholic psychoses was carried out. The results of distributed lags analysis suggest positive relationship between trends in fatal alcohol poisonings and incidence of alcoholic psychoses. The relationship between trends in fatal alcohol poisonings and incidence of alcoholism was also positive but statistically not significant. These findings suggest that alcoholic psychoses incidence rate is more reliable indicator of alcohol-related problems than alcoholism incidence rate.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2016;24(2):64-72
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Pathogenetic role in the allergic anamnesis development bronchitis in children

Pavlova T.V., Pilkevich N.B., Trophimova O.A.


Actuality in the structure of general morbidity of children, potential allergic markers of risk of developing bronchitis. The main group consisted of 62 children age from 1 to 6 years with obstructive and nonobstructive bronchitis. As a result of research it is established that allergies the first year of life increases the probability of developing obstructive bronchitis.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2016;24(2):73-78
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The level of nitric oxide in postthrombotic syndrome

Kalinin R.E., Suchkov I.A., Pshennikov A.S., Rudakova I.N., Isakov S.A.


Acute thrombophlebitis corresponds to a decrease in the level of metabolites of nitric oxide. As endotheliotropic therapy used venotonic drug containing micronized purified fraction of flavonoids. On the background of treatment noted the increase in the concentration of nitrogen oxide in 1 month 35,3%, to 3 months 44,3%, by 6 months of 51,3%, after 12 months was 52,7%.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2016;24(2):79-85
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Polymorphism of genes for alcoholdehydrogenase, cysticfibrosis, pancreatic secretory trypsin inhibitor, a cationic trypsinogen in patients with chronic pancreatitis

Tarasenko S.V., Bogomolov A.Y., Nikiforov A.A., Zaytsev O.V., Natalskiy A.A., Sokolova S.N., Maksimova E.S., Rachmaev T.S., Kadykova O.A.


The study involved 63 patients with a verified diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis. In the 1st group included 31 patients with a complicated clinical forms of chronic pancreatitis, in 2st group included 32 patients with uncomplicated forms. The study analyzed the polymorphisms of genes PRSS1 (mutation R122H) - gene for cationic trypsingene, CFTR1 (mutation del508) - the gene for cystic fibrosis-1, CFTR2 (mutation Gly542Ter) - the gene for cystic fibrosis-2, SPINK1 (mutation N34S) - gene for pancreatic secretory trypsin inhibitor, gene ADH (ADH1B * 2). The study found a statistically significant correlation between ADH gene polymorphism and the risk of complicated forms of chronic pancreatitis.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2016;24(2):86-91
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Composite material based on calcium phosphate and germanium (experimental study)

Kuzmanin S.A., Nazarov E.A., Vesnov I.G.


In the experiment conducted biomechanical tests to determine the coupling forces 4 groups of implants with the bone tissue: No. 1 was made of medical steel, No. 2 was made of titanium alloy VT6 with the modified surface by using the method of the thermo-chemical treatment. No. 3 and No. 4 were made of titanium alloy VT6 with composite coating (calcium phosphate + 1% and 5% germanium, respectively), applied by the method of microarc oxidation. Implants were installed in the proximal femur of purebred cats (29 animals). Upon removal of animals from the experiment (after 3 months) conducted static tests. Noted that the bond strength in 3 and 4 groups of implants with the bone tissue is more pronounced than in groups 1 and 2.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2016;24(2):92-100
pages 92-100 views

Case of successful diagnosis and surgical treatment of aneurysms with atypical origin splenic artery

Gulmuradov T.G., Avgonov U.M., Sadriev O.N., Shoev F.S.


The article describes a case of successful diagnosis and surgical treatment of patients with aneurysm of the splenic artery (ASA) with atypical origin from the abdominal aorta. For a long time, ASA had symptoms like chronic pancreatitis. Due to the discharge of an atypical splenic artery computed tomography of its aneurysmal expansion was evaluated as an aneurysm of the celiac trunk. A decisive role in the topical diagnosis of aneurysm played angiography of the abdominal aorta and its visceral branches. The blood circulation of the spleen was compensated and authors preferred to preserve spleen with resection of the aneurysm. In the immediate postoperative period, signs of splenic ischemia and other complications are not logged in.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2016;24(2):101-106
pages 101-106 views

Possibilities of radiological methods in diagnostics of adrenal tumors

Sadriev O.N., Gaibov A.D., Gulmuradov T.G., Anvarova S.S.


The aim - to assess the possibilities of ultrasound and computed tomography in the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of adrenal tumors. Results of the study. The paper analyzes the possibilities of ultrasound (US) and computed tomography (CT) in the diagnosis of various nosological forms of adrenal tumors in 54 patients. As according to US and CT the large size of tumors were characterized to pheochromocytoma (PCHC) (78,5 ± 5,3 - 75,6 ± 6,3 mm), small and medium - to corticosteroma (CS) (45,2 ± 2 6 - 45,6 ± 4,3 mm) and aldosteroma (AS) (46,2 ± 7,1 - 45,9 ± 5,4 mm). Adrenocortical tumors were characterized mostly by round or oval shape, to pheochromocytoma in most cases - wrong rounded shape. These morphometric parameters like irregular contours, heterogeneity of structure and presence of inclusions in the structure of tumor was characterized mainly for pheochromocytoma, whereas tumors of the adrenal cortex these signs were absent. Statistically significant differences in density of PCHC (+ 24,2 ± 2,3 UH), CS (+ 13,4 ± 0,3 UH) and the AS (+ 5,1 ± 0,2 UH) in native mode and contrasting (PCHS - + 41,5 ± 6,1 UH; CS - 18,6 ± 0,9 UH; AS - + 12,1 ± 0,4 UH), as well as the time difference of contrast washout (in pheochromocytoma 14,7 ± 0 5 min. at corticosteroma 8,7 ± 0.4 min., and at aldosteroma 6,2 ± 0,4 min.). Due to the small size of the tumor, obesity and meteorism ultrasound was not informative in 3 cases. In all cases, CT permit to determine the location of the tumor definitely and to differentiate their various nosological forms significantly. Conclusion. Ultrasound and CT in the detection and differentiation of adrenal tumors showed high sensitivity and specificity, and the comparison of different clinical signs of adrenal tumors with the revealed CT signs can more accurately suggest adrenal tumor morphology and to be clinically significant in the choice of further treatment approach.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2016;24(2):107-116
pages 107-116 views

Influence of the brain lateral organization profile on effectiveness of sporting activity of a human and methods of its identification

Mazikin I.M., Lapkin M.M., Voshinina N.A., Proshlyakov V.D.


In the survey article data about influence of the brain lateral organization profile on the effectiveness of sporting activity of sportsmen of different specialization are given. Diagnostic potentials of different methods of identification of a human brain lateral organization profile are discussed.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2016;24(2):117-126
pages 117-126 views

«Soldier's heart»: the history of war syndromes

Kotlyarov S.N.


The problem of disorders associated with participation in hostilities («war syndromes»), remains relevant over a hundred years. The first scientific description of these diseases is known belongs to the American physician Jakob Mendes Da Costa. In the difficult history of the study of «war syndrome» have proposed various hypotheses and theories based on the principles of primary somatic factors, mental or social processes. However, at this moment there is no conclusive evidence of any pre-emptive effect of one factor on the occurrence of disease. To describe the «war syndrome» were used many terms, the most famous being the «soldier's heart» and Da Costa's syndrome.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2016;24(2):127-136
pages 127-136 views

Characteristics оf child and adolescent suicide

Lukashuk A.V., Filippova M.D., Somkina O.Y.


The article is devoted to the review of modern domestic and foreign literature data concerning problems of suicidal activity among children and adolescents. The issues of the relevance of studying this problem, the prevalence in Russia and abroad, various variants of the formation of suicidal behavior, the role of the family in which educated teenager. The study of these issues in the future will allow you to create preventive techniques, effective therapeutic and preventive model of psycho-correction of detected violations and to identify the most relevant for therapy point of psychotherapeutic influence.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2016;24(2):137-143
pages 137-143 views

Reasons and risk factors of the combined pathology inchildren

Gudkov R.A., Konovalov O.E.


In a review modern looks are presented to reasons of comorbidity for children. A structure and reasons of combined pathology for children have substantial differences from such for adults. Main reasons of the combined pathology for children: genetic, perinatal, social, alimentary and ecological factors. Enumerated groups intersect often. Comorbidity for children has age-dependent dynamics, thus time of influence of causal factor and time of realization of pathology can be remote from each other.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2016;24(2):144-152
pages 144-152 views

Trilemma of health financing in the transition to innovative development of economy

Emelyanov D.N.


The Financing of health care, according to the author, should be carried out directly from Compulsory Health Insurance Fund (without the involvement of intermediaries), and government must pay above-standard costs. This system allows for co-payments of the population («out-of-pocket»), but they should be limited and clearly defined. Аt the same time government must contribute to the parallel creation of preferential lending medical service. Comparative experience of health care models of developed countries shows that the budget model with the efficient organization of medical aid is cheaper than real competitive insurance model because of the lack of private interest of profit maximization in the budget model. Analysis of the experience of other countries shows that investments in health are investments in efficient human capital, which is essential to the further development of Russia in the framework of an innovative model of development. Therefore, the normal government must guarantee the entire population access to quality health care.
I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald. 2016;24(2):153-165
pages 153-165 views

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