Opportunities electroretinography in stadying of physiological stages of maturation human retina at different ages

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The results of evaluation of the functional state of the retina in 55 healthy children of different ages (110 eyes). Distinctive features of the formation curve electroretinogram in early childhood. So in children under 6 months a-wave electroretinogram was not recorded, b-wave had a very low amplitude and increased latency. Typical configuration electroretinogramm was after 1 year of life. Noted that the maturation of cone function finishes later than the rod-function. Electroretinography objectively confirm phasing formation of functional activity of the visual system in children.

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About the authors

Olga Aleksandrovna Konikova

Saint-Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University

Email: olgakonikova@gmail.com
Assistant of Ophthalmology Department

Vladimir Vsevolodovich Brzheskiy

Saint-Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University

Email: vvbrzh@yandex.ru
Head, Ophthalmology Department


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