At the root of SPbSPMU: by memory of the founder of the Department of Operational surgery and topographic anatomy prof. F. I. Valker

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This article is about a scientist, a surgeon, an anatomist, a founder of the doctrine of the development of organs and systems of human after birth. It is based on archival and printed sources. His role as an important organizer, founder and a head of the department of operative surgery and topographic anatomy of the Leningrad Pediatric Medical Institute is mentioned. He was the closest student and a follower of of Professor V. N. Shevkunenko he made a significant contribution to the study of the morphological features of organs and systems during humans postnatal development. His outstanding abilities as an organizer and teacher are shown on the example of a creation of the department of operative surgery in Tashkent Medical Institute and in Leningrad Pediatric Institute, and also on being an acting head of the department of operative surgery and topographic anatomy at the Military Medical Academy during evacuation in the time of the Great Patriotic War, and participating in the organization of assistance to the wounded solders during the Civil, the Finnish wars. His style of teaching, the principles on which he built his relationship with colleagues, students, doctors, and his role in educating of a whole generation of well known scientists and teachers is shown. A large number of anatomical facts of the development of organs and systems of human, obtained by F. I. Valker was summed up in his life's work: "Development of a human after birth" (1951). The evolution of the postnatal development of the nervous, cardiovascular and urinary systems, as well as respiratory and digestive systems is shown in this big work. This doctrine is still of a practical an theoretical importance for doctors of many specialties, especially pediatricians and pediatric surgeons.

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About the authors

Georgy Otarovich Bagaturiya

St. Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University

MD, PhD, Head of Deptament of Operative Surgery and Topografic Anatomy

Anna Anatolievna Pashko

St. Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University

MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Deptamentе of Operational Surgery and Topographic Anatomy


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