The quality of interaction between mother and child as a factor of formation of health

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The article is devoted research of factors and conditions quality of early interaction between mother and child. In our work it is important that consideration of motherhood from the point of view of social and role-playing component of social identity in connection with the style of readiness to motherhood. These data suggest that in women with adequate style readiness to motherhood to the fore the social role of wife and mother, as well as the role of a professional. Women style with alarming readiness to motherhood hierarchy of social roles are determined by the primary role of the mother. Ignoring the style, readiness to motherhood a woman defines herself as a professional, employee, indicating the rejection of the role of mother with this style. Found communication style, readiness to motherhood in women during pregnancy, quality of early interaction with the child and the health of children in the first 6 months of life. As a result, longitudinal studies of the dynamics of the interaction between mother and infant conclusions, allowing to prevent violations of the contact in the dyad "mother-child" on the stage of pregnancy and after the birth of a child within 6 months. Style the willingness to motherhood influence the formation of social role component of the identity of a woman. During pregnancy formed a stable hierarchy of social roles. It allows you to design individually oriented psychological intervention, but also confronts us with the task to prepare the woman during pregnancy to the adoption of social roles as mothers.

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About the authors

Tatiana D Vasilenko

Kursk state Medical University

Dr Sci, Associate Professor, Head, Depatment of General and Сlinical Psychology. Kursk state Medical University.

Marina E Vorobeva

Kursk state Medical University

Assistant Professor, Depatment of General and Сlinical Psychology. Kursk state Medical University.


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