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Vol 24, No 4 (2022)

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The possibilities of using nootropic drugs for cognitive disorders in children in the postcovid period

Potupchik T.V., Evert L.S., Burlakova A.V.


A review of information on the etiology and pathogenesis of cognitive impairment in children who have undergone a new coronavirus infection has been conducted. Research data are presented that have shown that nootropic drugs and metabolic agents with nootropic effect are recommended for the use of choline alfoscerate, deanol aceglumate, aminophenylbutyric acid, hopanthenic acid, glycine, cytoflavin to improve cognitive functions, including in postcovid syndrome.

Meditsinskaya sestra. 2022;24(4):3-7
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4 prichiny proverit' shchitovidnuyu zhelezu cheloveka

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Meditsinskaya sestra. 2022;24(4):7-7
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Malnutrition in preschoolers in Moscow and Galich. Can we clearly judge the problems?

Bogomaz L.V., Borzakova S.N., Tikhomirova A.E., Makarova E.N., Grigorуev K.I.


The article reflects the results of an examination and questioning of 60 preschool children in two cities – Moscow and Galich, Kostroma region, in terms of compliance with age-specific nutritional rules and compliance with generally accepted norms regarding calorie content of food and macronutrient intake. It turned out that about half of the children experience «hunger» for calories and macronutrients (the main sources of energy). The reasons in most cases lie in the lack of awareness of parents in reliable information about the rules of nutrition. In developing guidelines for the management of calorie and macronutrient deficiencies, a full assessment of dietary diversity is essential. It is important for medical workers to master the methods of monitoring proper nutrition, to be able to teach parents to use these methods. It is proposed to make full use of the modern nutritional support algorithm.

Meditsinskaya sestra. 2022;24(4):8-13
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Whooping cough in children: epidemiological risks, modern tactics of treatment and immunization

Grigoryev K.I., Solodovnikova O.N., Khlypovka Y.N., Nemtyreva L.F.


The article considers the main features of the epidemiological process of whooping cough in children. Trouble factors were identified, in particular, the emergence of new pathogens, such as Bordetella Holmesii, Bordetella bronchiseptica and oth., the fading of post-vaccination immunity in children before entering school, the complexity of diagnosis and the severity of the infection at an early age, as well as the atypical course of the disease in older schoolchildrens. It is important to understand the epidemiology of whooping cough during the transition to an acellular vaccine, the difficulties of introducing the 2nd round of revaccination of the child population and the need to expand this practice throughout the country, to compete for the possibility of introducing an additional booster dose in adolescence, to organize vaccination of pregnant women and use the “cocoon” strategy in domestic practice. The mass transition to vaccines with an acellular component, of course, makes it possible to increase parents’ confidence in immunoprophylaxis, vaccination coverage, as well as reduce the trauma and reactogenicity of the vaccination procedure. Topical problems of diagnosis and treatment of whooping cough are highlighted from the standpoint of evidence-based medicine.

Meditsinskaya sestra. 2022;24(4):14-23
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Trends in the development of the profession of an obstetrician in the Republic of Belarus: relevant issues and achievements

Matveychik T.V.


The ongoing in 2019-2021 campaign «Nursing business today» contributes to improving the work of obstetricians as important participants and partners of the family in solving demographic problems. The information about the Decade of childhood announced in the Russian Federation in 2018–2027 attracted a growing attention to the obstetricians´ activity. This also contributes to maintaining the interest to real support of motherhood and childhood, learning from experience and improving the demographic situation in the Republic of Belarus.

Meditsinskaya sestra. 2022;24(4):24-30
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Medsestra v infektsionnom otdelenii

Kudryashev M.
Meditsinskaya sestra. 2022;24(4):30-30
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Teacher’s activity in the process of education

Khabibulina M.M.


The article presents the activity of a teacher in the process of educating students of the 5th year of the medical and preventive faculty. The use of active methods of teaching a student (solving situational problems, business game) is effective, as it increases students ‘ academic performance, reveals their creative potential, teaches them to think independently and contributes to the development of moral consciousness in future doctors.

Meditsinskaya sestra. 2022;24(4):31-33
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Back pain (dorsalgia) in the practice of a nurse

Skvortsov V.V., Matveyev N.D., Zadumina D.N.


In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, often leading to the disability of patients. A special place in the structure of diseases of the musculoskeletal system is occupied by the lesion of the spine, which causes the development of back pain (dorsalgia). Dorsalgia is one of the most common reasons for patients seeking medical attention, ranking fifth among all visits. Dorsalgias are an extremely urgent problem in modern medicine. This is due to their widespread prevalence in the population, frequent damage to young people of working age, which also determines the socio-economic significance of this problem. Thus, episodes of back pain develop annually in half of the working-age population, most often occurring in persons aged 20 to 50 years. According to epidemiological studies, 63.5% of people develop dorsalgia at the age of 35–45, and in terms of the incidence of temporary disability they rank third after respiratory and circulatory diseases, accounting for about 25% of the total loss of working time.

Meditsinskaya sestra. 2022;24(4):34-37
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Predictors of cardiovascular complications in patients with coronary heart disease, atrial fibrillation and various comorbidities

Masyukov S.A.


Objective of the study. To study predictors of cardiovascular complications in patients with coronary heart disease, atrial fibrillation and various comorbidities.

Material and methods. Analysis of the literature data concerning the cardiac-vascular complications in patients with ischemic heart disease, atrial fibrillation and various comorbid pathology was carried out.

Results. The clinical conditions associated with the occurrence of atrial fibrillation are presented. It is shown, that arrhythmogenesis in the specified heart rhythm disorder is multifactorial. It is recognized that structural and electrical remodeling of the myocardium has a definite importance for the occurrence of atrial fibrillation paroxysm, the progression of arrhythmia and the severity of ischemic heart disease.

Conclusion. It is supposed that presented analysis of the literature data concerning investigation of predictors of cardiovascular complications in patients with ischemic heart disease, atrial fibrillation and various comorbic conditions will enable to optimize treatment-and-prophylactic and rehabilitation measures in the specified category of patients.

Meditsinskaya sestra. 2022;24(4):38-40
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Possibilities of using a bioimpedance portable mammograph to detect neoplasms in the mammary gland

Seliverstov P.V., Savina L.V., Gavrilova N.P., Shapovalov V.V., Lustina O.M.


Breast cancer (BC) is a serious threat to the health and lives of women of all ages worldwide. The overwhelming majority of deaths from breast cancer are associated with late diagnosis. Thus, the most important task of a doctor in diagnosing breast cancer is to detect the disease at its initial stage. It is known that at the beginning of the disease there can be no clinical manifestations. Because of this, there is a necessity of annual examination, first of all, for women having risk factors. It is known that timely diagnostics can stop the development of the tumor even before it begins to metastasize to lymph nodes and internal organs. Thus, the current tendency requires development and implementation of new approaches to early detection and timely treatment of BC. Among the list of new technologies for early screening there is the development of portable home “smart” mammograph “Tiskrin”. Our clinical research with 198 women showed high sensitivity and specificity of our device. The proposed method is absolutely harmless and informative and can be used any number of times regardless of the age and presence of pregnancy. Similar data on high safety make Tiscreen a widely used prophylactic agent both for early diagnostics and for determination of the risk group in women with breast cancer. The methodology we offer is simple and available for any user. No special preparation for breast examinations is required. We hope that our development will contribute to a reduction in the number of late diagnoses of the disease and increase life expectancy of women around the world.

Meditsinskaya sestra. 2022;24(4):41-46
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Prognostic value of myocardial remodeling in patients with arterial hypertension and coronary heart disease

Kovalchuk A.N.


Objective of the study. To study prognostic value of myocardial remodeling in patients with arterial hypertension and coronary heart disease according to the literature data.

Material and Methods. 13 Russian and 3 foreign publications were analyzed, in which the prognostic value of myocardial remodeling in patients with arterial hypertension and coronary heart disease was discussed.

Results. Left ventricular hypertrophy in patients with arterial hypertension is an independent risk factor of negative prognosis in patients with arterial hypertension. The detection of left ventricular dilatation was associated with a 98% increased risk of cardiovascular complications. Frequency of concentric hypertrophy, dilatation and diastolic dysfunction of the left ventricle was higher in those patients with atrial fibrillation than in the group without atrial fibrillation.

Conclusion. Myocardial remodeling processes are associated with the progressing and worsening clinical course of arterial hypertension and coronary heart disease. Concentric hypertrophy and dilatation of the left ventricle are the most prognostically unfavorable variants of left ventricular structure and geometry disorders.

Meditsinskaya sestra. 2022;24(4):47-49
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Features of postoperative care for children with lymphangioma

Lopatina T.N.


In this study, the role of complex treatment of lymphangiomas in children and the function of a nurse in preventing or reducing side effects and complications in the postoperative period is determined.

Meditsinskaya sestra. 2022;24(4):50-53
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Grudnoe vskarmlivanie rebenka

Mayzel' I.E.
Meditsinskaya sestra. 2022;24(4):54-56
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