Vol 79, No 6 (2012)


Systemic and analytical method for the formation of technological policy in the agro-industrial sector of Russian Federation

Zhalnin E.V.


The systemic and analytical method as one of methods for the formation of technological policy in agro-industrial sector is stated. Description of its advantages over other methods is given. The eight-block classification of software and computing systems is suggested and some examples of their implementation with regard to grain harvesters are provided.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(6):3-9
pages 3-9 views

Review of baler market

Yeliseyev A.G.


Results of analysis of baler market in Russian Federation are presented. The number of serviceable balers is determined, their readiness to forage harvesting is shown.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(6):9-13
pages 9-13 views

Review and analysis of developments in converting diesel engines into gas-spark-ignited engines

Savelyev G.S., Degtyariov D.V.


Developments concerning the technologies of converting diesel engines into gas-spark-ignited engines are briefly reviewed. These data may be useful for the selection of trends and structural features of conversion.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(6):14-18
pages 14-18 views

Features of injection and combustion of rapeseed oil and diesel fuel in modern engines

Ryzhov Y.N., Zhosan A.A., Kurochkin A.A.


Comparative analysis of injection of diesel fuel and rapeseed oil is given. Combustion process is considered as depending on the surface tension of diesel fuel, rapeseed oil and methyl ester of rapeseed oil. Features of combustion of diesel fuel and rapeseed oil are presented.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(6):19-20
pages 19-20 views

Сombined tool for fallow land tillage for a class 5 tractor

Astafyev V.L., Bobkov S.I., Plokhotenko M.A.


Main problems connected with disuse of waste and fallow land are analyzed. A new combined tool for the fallow land tillage is under development. Industrial tests of its specimen showed that the new tool, in comparison with single-purpose ones, can improve performance at least twofold, reduce total cost in 1.9 times and fuel consumption at least in 2.3 times.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(6):20-22
pages 20-22 views

A new construction of tree-planting machine

Bartenev I.M., Shavkov M.V.


A new construction of tree-planting machine ensuring the high quality of planting and high survival index was developed. The use of combined ploughshare and belt planter apparatus is a distinctive feature of this tool.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(6):22-24
pages 22-24 views

Features of tailings removal with a stripping-type combine

Ayubov A.M., Shokarev A.N.


Ways and means of tailings removal with a stripping-type combine are considered. General methodology for cutting device selection depending on the harvested crop and on the technology of cutting steams gleaning is presented.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(6):25-26
pages 25-26 views

A small-sized rotary device for the grinding of concentrated feed

Rzayeva R.A., Bagirov B.M.


Results of experimental studies of a new small-sized grinder for concentrated feed are presented. Dependences of the degree of fineness and power consumption on grain moisture and knife design parameters are determined.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(6):26-27
pages 26-27 views

Results of research and analysis of tractor diesel engines operation in transient regimes

Antipin V.P., Vlasov Y.N., Karshev G.V.


Results of bench tests of tractor diesel engines in transient regimes are presented. The frequencies of load oscillations on motor shaft, attended by the increased fuel consumption and the high rate of friction pairs wear are determined. Reasons of occurrence of resonant phenomena, increased fuel consumption and high wear rate are established. Measures reducing the negative effects are recommended.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(6):28-32
pages 28-32 views

Theoretical justification for the use of elastic-dumping drives of tractor's driving wheels during the braking

Polivayev O.I., Pilyayev S.N., Kutkov A.Y.


Results of theoretical research of the braking of tractor-trailer units are presented. The influence of elastic-dumping drives of wheels on the braking performance of tractor-trailer units is revealed.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(6):32-35
pages 32-35 views

Non-contact copying of the field surface topography by agricultural machinery tools with the use of acoustic methods

Strok Y.Y., Belchik L.D., Vaschula A.V., Zakharov A.V.


Preconditions and ways of creation of automatic high-altitude regulating systems with the use of ultrasonic distance sensors are considered. Results of experimental studies of a high-altitude regulating system during the non-contact copying of field surface relief are given.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(6):35-40
pages 35-40 views

Analysis of movement of a variable mass seeder unit in the longitudinal and vertical plane

Li V.V.


According to the Newton classic mechanics, body weight is considered only as a constant. However, in some cases the mass of bodies varies during the motion. A method of derivation of differential equations describing the motion of a variable mass seeder unit in longitudinal and vertical plane is given in the article.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(6):40-42
pages 40-42 views

Control of the separation process of potato combine

Slavkin V.I., Belov S.V., Zhuravliov A.V., Lobachevskiy P.Y., Pronin V.Y.


Results of study of separation control system mounted on a potato combine are given.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(6):43-45
pages 43-45 views

A method of diagnostics of hydraulic drive units

Pavlov A.I., Loschionov P.Y.


A method of high-pressure hoses diagnosis and a device ensuring the reliable forecasting of their technical state and remaining life are presented.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(6):46-47
pages 46-47 views

Electrotechnology of microarc oxidation of light alloys

Shichkov L.P., Lyudin V.B., Epelfeld A.V.


Features of electrotechnology of microarc oxidation of light (Al, Mg, Ti) alloys are considered. A module with current displacement effect was developed and described. It allows to control the ratio of cathode and anode currents and the rigidity of mode in condensing AC inverters which are widely used for this technology.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(6):55-56
pages 55-56 views

Analysis of continuously variable transmission of the Fendt 900 Vario tractor line: what is behind the ads?

Samorodov V.B., Bondarenko A.I.


Basic design parameters, dimension types of hydrostatic transmission and hydraulic efficiencies of transmission in accordance with its kinematics and advertising data for the Fendt 900 Vario tractors are identified. Obtained results are analyzed.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(6):48-52
pages 48-52 views

Increasing the effectiveness of multi-axis parts machining using the numerical program control machines

Manilo I.I., Pukhov A.S.


Possibility to increase the efficiency of numerical program control lathes used for the multi-axis machining of parts recovered with the build-up of worn-out work surfaces is presented.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(6):53-55
pages 53-55 views

International exhibition of innovations

- -.


С 28 по 30 ноября 2012 г. в Москве ТПП РФ и ЦВК «Экспоцентр» проводят Международную выставку инноваций. На выставке будут представлены последние достижения промышленных компаний и корпораций, предприятий ВПК, вузовской и академической науки (включая молодежное инновационное напраление), а также индивидуальных изобретателей из различных отраслей экономики.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(6):13-
pages 13- views

Forum on metal-working industry in Expocentre

- -.


С 28 мая по 1 июня 2012 г. в Москве в павильонах №№1-5, 8, «Форум» и на открытых площадках ЦВК «Экспоцентр» пройдёт 13-я международная специализированная выставка «Оборудование, приборы и инструменты для металлообрабатывающей промышленности» - «Металлообработка-2012».
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(6):47-
pages 47- views

The 80th anniversary of G.M. Kutkov

- -.
Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. 2012;79(6):56-
pages 56- views

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