Use of Modified Arthroscopic Ankle Joint Stabilization for the Treatment of Chronic Lateral Instability


Comparative analysis of the results of anatomic restoration of capsuloligamentous system in chronic lateral ankle instability using low invasive arthroscopic techniques was performed. Patients and methods. Forty seven patients (17 - 60 years old) with chronic lateral ankle instability were operated on. In 20 patients a standard “ArthroBrostrum” technique with a use of 2-3 biocomposite fixatives and in 27 patients - the modified arthroscopic intervention with use of 1 titanium anchor was performed. Treatment efficacy was evaluated by AOFAS score. Results. One year after surgery treatment results were followed up in 39 patients: excellent results were achieved in 7 (36.84%), good - in 7 (36.84%), satisfactory - in 3 (15.79%) and poor - in 2 patients after standard technique and in 8 (40.00%), 7 (35.00%), 4 (20.00%) and 1 (5.00%) after modified method, respectively. Conclusion. Thus modified arthroscopic technique is in no way inferior to a standard “ArthroBrostrum” intervention having certain advantages (use of 1 versus 3 fixatives, possibility of intraoperative X-ray control, and shortening of the operation duration). So it could be recommended for the treatment of patients with lateral ankle instability.

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About the authors

A. M Matsakyan

City Clinical Hospital named after S.S. Yuidin

Moscow, Russia

G. A Kesyan

N.N. Priorov Central Institute of Traumatology and Orthopaedics

Moscow, Russia

A. A Ochkurenko

N.N. Priorov Central Institute of Traumatology and Orthopaedics

Moscow, Russia

B. G Butaev

City Clinical Hospital named after S.S. Yuidin

Moscow, Russia

A. G Shirmazanyan

N.N. Priorov Central Institute of Traumatology and Orthopaedics

Moscow, Russia

V. G Protsko

Moscow, Russia


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