Use of PlateletRich Autoplasma in Complex Therapy of Knee Osteoarthrosis

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Efficacy of platelet-rich autoplasma (PRA) in treatment of osteoarthrosis was evaluated. Prospective study included 120 patients (83 females, 37 males, mean age 52.8±4.5 years) with clinical and roentgenologic diagnosis of II-IV stage osteoarthrosis by Kellgren-Lawrence classification. The patients from the main group (n=60) were on courses of PRA intraarticular injections (3 injections with 1-2 weeks interval). In the control group the patients received nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and periodically injections of glucocorticoids when indicated. Results were assessed by the verbal efficacy scale, Lequesne index and the pain visual analog scale. Follow up period made up 6 months. Use of PRA enabled to eliminate pain syndrome and improve knee joint function without adverse effects. In 6 months the number of patients who noted the efficacy of treatment was 31% higher in the main group than in the control one. The obtained results allow recommending PRA use for knee osteoarthrosis treatment as an alternative to NSAIDs especially in contraindications to the latter.

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About the authors

A. I Gorbatenko

Rostov State Medical University

N. O Kostyanaya

“Pathoanatomical bureau”, Rostov-on-Don


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