Modern Synthetic Substitute of Bone Tissue


Potentialities of synthetic bone substitutes application in vertebrology, especially in cervical spine surgery is demonstrated. From 2010 to 2011 thirty seven patients (21 — 70 years) with spine injuries and degenerative diseases were operated on. During surgical intervention subtotal resection of cervical vertebra body was performed. BoneMedik-S block of appropriate size was inserted into the defect. In all cases the final step of operation was stable fixation of segment by metal plate and screws. It was shown that modern synthetic biomaterials for substitution of bone tissue defects enabled to shorten the volume of surgical intervention and contributed to the formation of natural spongy human bone structure at minimum terms.

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Современный синтетический заменитель костной ткани в хирургии шейного отдела позвоночника

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K. T Meskhi


A. G Aganesov


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