Surgical Treatment of Congenital Kyphosis

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Surgical treatment results of 24 patients, aged 3 — 57 years, with congenital kyphotic deformities of thoracolumbar spine are presented. Disturbance of vertebrae formation was diagnosed in 13 patients, segmentation disorder — in 4, mixed abnormalities — in 1, nonclassifying abnormalities — in 3, congenital dislocations (subluxation) — in 3 patients. Neurologic disorders were observed in 12 patients. Five surgical techniques were used for the treatment of congenital kyphotic deformities: posterior fusion (8 patients), combined dorsal and ventral fixation (6), spinal cord decompression in combination with correction and stabilization (4), resection of hemivertebra (3), VCR (Vertebral Column Resection — 4). After surgical correction the angle of kyphotic deformity made up from 7 to 68° (mean 42°), degree of correction from 6 to 84% (mean 34%). Differentiated use of surgical techniques enables to achieve good treatment results, formation of proper frontal and sagittal balance as well as to create conditions for an adequate spine development.

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Хирургическое лечение врожденных кифозов


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