Guided Growth Technique for Correction of Lower Extremity Deformities in Children


Guided growth technique with temporary epiphysiodesis is used for the correction of lower extremities axial deformities in children before skeletal maturity. From 2009 to 2013 one hundred fifty epiphysiodesis procedures were performed in 93 children aged 3–15 years. Technique was performed both in patients with idiopathic deformities and in patients with severe systemic pathology (skeletal dysplasias, neuromuscular disorders, metabolic nephropathies). Treatment results were assessed at terms from 12 to 48 months after surgical intervention. Good results were achieved in 67 (72%), satisfactory — in 18 (19.3) and poor — in 8 (8.6%) patients. Mean rate of correction made up 0.81±0.17° per 1 month of epiphyseodesis with its maximum in valgus knee and ankle deformities. Advantages of the procedure included low invasiveness and simplicity of performance, low complication rate, possibility of simultaneous intervention on several levels as well as combination with other interventions. Thorough selection of patients, proper intervention technique and regular postoperative followup enable to avoid complications and unsatisfactory results.

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Коррекция деформаций нижних конечностей у детей с помощью метода управляемого роста


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