Use of Spacers for the Treatment of Deep Periprosthetic Infection of Hip and Knee Joints


Experience in treatment of 27 patients with deep periprosthetic infection is presented. In 17 patients infectious process was localized in the zone of hip implant, in 10 patients — in the zone of knee implant. Sanitation without implant removal was performed in 2 cases of early deep infection. Two-step revision arthroplasty was performed in 25 patients with late deep infection. First the implant was removed and spacer was inserted, then spacer was changed for a revision implant. In 12 patients individual articulating spacers with antibiotics were used. No relapse was noted in 23 patients at terms up to 58 months. Thus, two-step revision arthroplasty with application of spacers showed its high efficacy in treatment of patients with late deep periprosthetic infection.

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Применение спейсеров для лечения глубокой перипротезной инфекции тазобедренного и коленного суставов


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