Surgical Treatment of Talus Osteochondral Lesions with Platelet-Rich Plasma

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Wide application of cell therapy particularly platelet enriched plasma (PRP) in modern orthopaedics enabled to improved treatment results in certain orthopaedic diseases and injury consequences. Treatment results for 7 patients (2 men and 5 women) with osteochondral lesions of talus (OLT) are presented. Mean age of patients was 26 years, mean duration of disease — 4 years. By Brendt and Harty roentgenologic classification I—II degree of OLT was diagnosed in 1 and III—IV degree — in 6 patients. In all patients mosaic chondroplasty of talus with implantation of PRP gel was performed. Postoperatively mean AOFAS index raised from 53 to 92. Follow up period made up around 2 years.

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Хирургическое лечение остеохондральных поражений таранной кости с использованием плазмы, обогащенной тромбоцитами


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