Use of Alendronate in Postoperative Period for Prevention of Hip Implant Aseptic Instability

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Assessment of the alendronate influence upon the course of adaptive remodeling of bone tissue adjacent to the implant was performed. Dynamics of mineral bone density (BMD) changes in Gruen zones was compared for 2 groups of female patients. The groups were similar by age, nosology. All operations were performed by the same surgical team with application of one type of implant (Zweymuller). During the first post-operative year patients from the study group (n=38) were taken alendronate (Fosamax-70) once a week and at least 1200 mg of calcium carbonate daily (either as calcium containing food products or calcium carbonate preparations). Patients from control group (n=94) were taken only calcium carbonate by the same scheme within the first postoperative year. It was detected that although by 6th postoperative month alendronate did not decraese BMD loss as compared to controls, within the interval of 6-15 months it significantly increased bone tissue mass accretion. In group of alendronate patients monthly accretion of bone tissue in some Gruen zones (except for R4) was twice and more higher than in control group. Fifteen months later patients from the main group showed BMD deficit only in R4 zone. In the rest of zones bone tissue mass exceeded the basic values and in the majority of zones that increase was trustworthy. In control group BMD deficit was preserved in two proximal zones (R6 and R7) and in zone R6 it even increased as compared to the results of the previous study (12 months after operation).


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