Peculiarities of Treatment of Patients with Complicated Compression Fractures of Thoracic and Lumbar Spine Vertebral Bodies on the Background of Osteoporosis


Experience in surgical treatment of 11 patients (1998-2008) with complicated compression fractures of the thoracic and lumbar spine vertebral bodies on the background of osteoporosis has been presented. Mean age of patients was 58 years (from 37 to 74 years). The treatment consisted of the adequate decompression of spinal canal followed by correction and multilevel fixation of the spine with CDI system. Decision on the fixation extent was made with regard for the degree of bone mineral density and vertebral body injury. Follow up period made up 1-10 years. Long term treatment results were assessed clinically and roentgenologically. Correction of kyphosis was noted in all cases. In the late period slight loss of the achieved correction (within 12°) was observed but the patients did not complained of spinal pains. In patients operated on in early terms (up to 2 months) after neurologic complications development the more rapid regress of neurologic symptoms was noted. It was shown that differentiated approach to the choice of surgical technique enabled to achieve favorable results.


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