Surgical Treatment of Patho- logic Cervical Vertebrae Fractures


Experience in treatment of 32 patients with pathologic fractures of cervical vertebrae is presented. The fracture was preceded with vertebrae destruction caused by tumor metastatic spreading (18 patients), nonspecific spondylitis (12) and fibrocystic dysplasia (2). In all cases the injury resulted from sharp bending of the neck including 2 patients in whom the fracture developed during manual manipulation. Clinically the fracture was manifested by myelopathy of various degrees, pronounced local or radicular pain syndrome. In all patients substitution of the destructed vertebral body by the carbonic graft with collapanoplasty was performed. Pain syndrome was arrested in all patients; complete regress of myelopathy was achieved in 27 patients, the partial one - in 5 patients. Osteocarbonic block was formed in all cases, average duration of its formation made up 10 weeks.


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