Treatment of Proximal Femur Fractures on the Background of Osteoporosis


Analysis of treatment of 526 patients with proximal femur fractures (362 patients with femoral neck fractures and 164 patients with trochanteric zone fractures) was performed. Patients' age ranged from 34 to 92 (mean 67). Algorithm of differentiated choice of operative tactics depending on fracture characteristics and injury term was presented. Low invasive osteosynthesis of femoral neck with bundle of stressed V-shaped pins was suggested. Theoretical and practical ground of that technique was given. Stress within fixative-bone system created after osteosynthesis by V-shaped pins, provided stable fixation even in marked osteoporosis. The importance of bone mineral density evaluation for the choice of treatment tactics as well as the necessity of medicamental correction of the disturbed bone remodeling after surgical treatment was noted.


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