Coagulation Hemostasis in Surgical Treatment of Scoliosis


In 95 patients, operated on for scoliosis, coagulation status was studied using standard tests (activated partial thromboplastin time, prothrombin decrease by Quick, normolized prothrombin ratio, antithrombin III, ethanol and orthophenothroline tests, ХП-a dependent fibrinolysis) pre-, intra- and postoperatively. It was shown that coagulation disturbances developed already during the hemodilution process. Consumption of coagulation factors took place during operation and at early postoperative period. Blood loss by drainage was marked during 48 hours after operation. Maximum changes of coagulation indices were registered on 2-5 day after operation. Use of fresh-frozen plasma, e-aminocaproic acid to decrease of blood grainage loss was grounded.


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