The Iranian Cinema of the 20th Century (1900-1980)

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In the first decade of the 20th century Iran saw the advent of cinema, a new art form which has had its ups and downs. But the real break-through in Iranian cinema reflecting the national character and the country's rich culture occurred only in the 1970s with the emergence of a new generation of filmmakers.

About the authors

Ahmad Mirakhorli

Al Sahra University (Tehran); VGIK

преподаватель факультета искусства, аспирант кафедры эстетики, истории и теории культуры ВГИК; Тегеранский университет им. Ал Захра, ВГИК; Al Sahra University (Tehran); VGIK


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Copyright (c) 1970 Mirakhorli A.

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