Vol 11, No 4 (2011)

LAIV from reassortant strain A/17/California/2009/38 (H 1 N1 ) - an efficient preparation for the prophylaxis of pandemic influenza
Larionova N.V., Kiseleva I.V., Mironov A.N., Bushmenkov D.S., Donina S.A., Petukhova G.D., Korenkov D.A., Naykhin A.N., Rudenko L.G.
Medical academic journal. 2011;11(4):3-12
The analisys of main reasons of organ shortage
Bagnenko S.F., Shcherbuk Y.A., Polushin Y.S., Granov D.A., Grinenko A.O., Loginov I.V., Teplov V.M., Kechaeva N.V., SKVORTsOV A.E., Reznik A.O., Reznik O.N.
Medical academic journal. 2011;11(4):13-24
Theoretical background of concept of perfusion rehabilitation of donor organs
Bagnenko S.F., Dubina M.V., Reznik O.N., Lopota A.V., Skvortsov A.E., Reznik A.O.
Medical academic journal. 2011;11(4):25-40
Uncontrolled Donors after Cardiac Death: Clinical Application of Normothermic Perfusion in situ for Kidney Resuscitation
Bagnenko S.F., Reznik O.N., Scvortsov A.E., Lopota A.V., Senchik K.Y., Reznik A.O.
Medical academic journal. 2011;11(4):41-50
Evaluation of antitumoral effect of ferromagnetic implant in the experiment
Granov A.M., Vershinina S.F., Markochev F.B., Urbansky A.I., Evtushenko V.I.
Medical academic journal. 2011;11(4):51-57
Morphological features of the chronic gastritis at Helicobacter pylori infection and EBV-infection
Krulevskiy V.A., Anichkov N.M., Novikova V.P., Petrovskiy A.N.
Medical academic journal. 2011;11(4):58-64
Early age anamnesis factors, aterogenic dislipidemia and morphological peculiarities of chronic gastroduodenitis
Aleshina E.I., Kalinina E.Y., Anichkov N.M., Novikova V.P., Komissarova M.Y.
Medical academic journal. 2011;11(4):65-70
Modulation of the reinforcing effects of psychotropic drugs by means of GABA- and dopaminergic mechanisms of the bed nucleus of stria terminalis
Shabanov P.D., Lebedev A.A.
Medical academic journal. 2011;11(4):71-77
Mediators of immune responses in cerebrospinal fluid with viral infections of central nervous system
Zheleznikova G.F., Skripchenko N.V., Lobzin Y.V.
Medical academic journal. 2011;11(4):78-85
Cognitive frustration in the patients with occlusive hydrocephalus: possibility of surgical correction
Gavrilov G.V., Cherebillo V.Y., Legzdain M.A., Svistov D.V.
Medical academic journal. 2011;11(4):86-91
The retrograde endoscopical and percutaneus antegrade interventional on the bile ducts in patients with mechanical jaundice
Zagainov V.E., Dudanov I.P., Gagua A.K., Kravtsunov V.V., Seregin A.A., Zaitsev A.I., Loimoeva V.S.
Medical academic journal. 2011;11(4):92-96
Pharmacological correction of memory impairment in alcoholics: analysis of results using a new mathematical model
Sapronov N.S., Stepanov I.I., Losev N.A., Shabanov P.D.
Medical academic journal. 2011;11(4):97-102
The role of the health centres in the identification of factors harmful for health risk and formation of a healthy lifestyle
Avdeeva M.V., Scheglova L.V.
Medical academic journal. 2011;11(4):103-109
ERYuKhIN Igor' Aleksandrovich. K 75-letiyu so dnya rozhdeniya
- -.
Medical academic journal. 2011;11(4):110-112
KhAVINSON Vladimir Khatskelevich. K 65-letiyu so dnya rozhdeniya
- -.
Medical academic journal. 2011;11(4):112-113
PAMYaTI Anatoliya Nikolaevicha Klimova
- -.
Medical academic journal. 2011;11(4):114-115

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