Vol 13, No 1 (2015)


Statistical approach to the problem of the taxonomic status and evolutionary potential of a non-biting midge Prodiamesa olivacea Meigen (1818) (Diptera, Chironomidae, Prodiamesinae) based on karyotype analysis

Mylnikov S.V., Zhirov S.V.


The frequency of contacts of centromere and telomere regions of polytene chromosomes in the karyotype of a midge Prodiamesa olivacea has been analyzed. The fact of non-random frequency of centromere regions contacts has been confirmed by statistical methods. These data are consistent with the diploid number of chromosomes equal to 10. The species has been announced as a “transitional form”, evolving towards reduction of the chromosome number.
Ecological genetics. 2015;13(1):3-9
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Creation of new pichia pastoris strains for recombinant protein production

Muzaev D.M., Rumyantsev A.M., Sambuk E.V., Padkina M.V.


Pichia pastoris yeasts are widely used as a production platform for heterologous proteins. Wide biotechnological use of these yeasts is determined by simplicity of cultivation, cheap media and ability to provide posttranslational modifications. Basic approaches for enhancement of the recombinant protein outcome constitue increasing number of gene copies, which encode target protein, as well as co-expression of supporting factors for protein folding, processing and secretion. Development of relevant plasmids and auxotrophic strains is essential for solving these tasks. In this study, we report plasmids and strains collection, whichwill allow to conduct integration of multiple foreign genes in P. pastoris genome
Ecological genetics. 2015;13(1):10-15
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Features of chromosome behavior in meiosis in the common wheat lines containing genetic material of tetraploid wheat species

Orlovskaya O.A., Leonova I.N., Salina E.A., Khotyleva L.V.


The study of the chromosome behavior in meiosis of hybrid lines obtained on the base of crossing of common wheat with tetraploid wheat species showed that introgression of alien genetic material into common wheat genome had no negative effect on its meiotic stability. The Number of defective cells was small, not only at the metaphase I stage, but also on the final stage of tetrads. Variation relative to the level of cytological stability between the studied lines is the consequence of differences in the number and localization of the introgression fragments of the genomes of tetraploid wheat in the hybrid genome. The influence of the cytoplasm on the formation of the karyotype of introgression lines of wheat was found.
Ecological genetics. 2015;13(1):16-25
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Association between polymorphic markers of IL-10 gene and chronic diseases of the upper respiratory tract in children living under technogenic pressure

Masnavieva L.B., Kudaeva I.V.


Respiratory diseases are among the leading causes of infant morbidity. Disturbances of functioning of the immune system play an important role in their development. Interleukin-10 (IL-10) is a key regulator of the immune response. Mononucleotide substitutions at positions (-1082), (-819) and (-592) of IL-10 gene results in low level of the protein production. Our purpose was to study the associations between polymorphic markers of IL-10 gene and chronic respiratory diseases in children living under conditions of anthropogenic pressure. 189 adolescents living in a city with high levels of air pollution and 82 from a city with a moderate level of contamination were examined. Children with chronic upper airway pathology in remission were identified. Blood samples from all children were tested for allelic variants -1082G / A, -592C / A, -819C / T of IL-10 gene in. Analysis of associations between polymorphic variants and the presence of chronic respiratory diseases was conducted. The -592C allele of IL-10 gene was less common among children with chronic diseases of the respiratory tract living in conditions of moderate air pollution than in the healthy comparison group. Similar association has not been established in thr group of children living in conditions of high air pollution. Thus, the C allele of the polymorphic -592C/A locus marks resistance to the development of a chronic disease of the upper respiratory tract in children living in conditions of moderate air pollution, while in conditions of high level of pollution contribution of genetic factors in its development is leveled.
Ecological genetics. 2015;13(1):26-32
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Prospects for the use of multi-component symbiotic systems of the Legumes

Shtark O.Y., Zhukov V.A., Sulima A.S., Singh R., Naumkina T.S., Akhtemova G.A., Borisov A.Y.


Legume-Rhizobial Symbiosis (LRS), Arbuscular Mycorrhiza (AM) and associations with Plant Growth-Promoting Bacteria (PGPB) implement nutritional and defensive functions in plant, improve soil fertility, and thus are appropriate to be used for sustainable crop production and soil restoration. Based on synergism and evolutional commonality of the symbioses, we propose a multi-component plant-microbe system with legume plant as a main component. Advances obtained from simultaneous inoculation of legumes with various beneficial microbes are summarized. Basic principles of legume breeding to improve effectiveness of interaction with a complex of the microbes along with problems and prospects for development of multi-microbial inoculants for legumes (and non-legumes) are stated.
Ecological genetics. 2015;13(1):33-46
pages 33-46 views

Zhizn', otdannaya nauke. Pyamyati Leonida Maksovicha Fonshteyna

Abilev S.K., Revazova Y.A.
Ecological genetics. 2015;13(1):47-48
pages 47-48 views

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