Neuropsychological and psychometric analysis of the defect at children and adolescents with endogenous mental pathology

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This article presents a compound neuropsychological/psychometric analysis of manifestations of defects in children and adolescents with endogenous pathologies. The research was organized among children with diagnosed schizophrenia spectrum disorders: child type schizophrenia, schizotypal personality disorder and other forms of schizophrenia. All patients were on the stationary treatment and had verified diagnosis, defect in cognitive sphere was close to oligofrenic like defect. The experimental group (EG) - 74 children (52 boys), average age - 11,0 ± 2,9 years. Control group (CG) - children and adolescents (64 children, among them 38 boys) from Moscow schools, average age - 11,1 ± 3,0 years. The neuropsychological research was taken on 20 children from EG and on 15 children from CG. Qualitative and quantitative analyses of data included the formulation of criteria of marks of the psychometric and neuropsychological results. Based on our research data we distinguish specific compounds of manifestations of certain cerebrum structure dysfunctions and cognitive dysfunctions that are common in children with schizophrenia spectrum disorders. We also illustrate the differences in localization (in interhemispheric cooperation, cortical structures, subcortical structures) of primary dysfunctions in patients diagnosed with various schizophrenia spectrum disorders. Neuropsychological and psychometric analysis had shown that patients by their functional status are heterogeneous group. The defection of intellectual activity is not total but partial with gradual involvement of different aspects.

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About the authors

Aleksey Anatol'yevich Sergienko

Mental Health Research Center

PhD, Senior Researcher, Department Of Medical Psychology

Svetlana Evgen'yevna Strogova

Mental Health Research Center

Junior researcher, Department Of Medical Psychology

Natalia Vladimirovna Zvereva

Mental Health Research Center

PhD, Leading Scientist, Department Of Medical Psychology


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