Voenno-medicinskij žurnal

Peer-review medical journal


  • Assistant professor Mikhail V. Poddubny, MD, PhD

Journal founders:

  • Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation


The Military Medical Journal is the oldest national periodical devoted to medical issues; it has been published since January 1823.

The initiative to establish the Military Medical Journal belongs to a prominent figure in military medicine in the first half of the 19th century, Chief Military Medical Inspector of the Russian Army, President of the Medical and Surgical Academy Yakov Vasilievich Villie (1768–1854).

For many years, the Military Medical Journal was the only representative of Russia's periodical scientific medical literature. Over the years, he has turned into a priceless treasury of domestic medicine, which has absorbed many generations of physicians' vast experience. Until 1917, the magazine was headed, as a rule, by well-known military doctors, professors, and prominent organizers of the military medical service: Ya.V.Villie, P.A.Charukovskii, S.F.Khotovitskii, P.A.Naranovich, E.V.Pelikan, Ya.A.Chistovich, N.I.Kozlov, S.P.Lovtsov, N.P.Ivanov, A.I.Belyaev, A.S.Tauber, I.F.Rapchevskii.

In the 20th century until 1947, the responsible editors of the magazine were M.I.Baranov, E.I.Smirnov, N.I.Zavalishin. Subsequently, the Military Medical Journal was headed by full-time editors: in 1949–1955. - V.V.Skvortsov, in 1955-1960. - D.I.Troitskii, in 1960-1968. - I.E.Karpov, in 1968-1978. - A.V.Voropai, in 1978-1992. - V.V.Belozerov, in 1992-2007. - L.L. Galin. From May 2007 to the present, the journal is headed by M.V. Poddubny.

Since 1992, the journal is an organ of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. Frequency - 12 issues per year, volume - six printer’s sheets. 

Subject area description. Among the regular headings of the journal «Organization of medical support of the Armed forces,» «Medicine of emergencies,» «Military medicine,» «Medical and preventive issues,» «Epidemiology and infectious diseases,» «Hygiene and physiology of military labor,» «Through the pages of foreign medical Press,» «News Feed,» etc. In recent years, the subject area of publications, as a rule, has been focused on the issues of providing medical care in the context of local wars, anti-terrorist operations, technological disasters, and natural disasters. The problems of rehabilitation of the wounded and injured in the areas of conflict are widely covered. Themed issues of the journal are regularly published.


Publication frequency:

  • monthly, 12 issues per year.


  • Open Access with no APC, under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).




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