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Rezvantsev, M. V

Issue Section Title File
Vol 338, No 8 (2017) Articles Algorithm of diagnostics and rational tactics of surgical treatment of patients with carbon-vertebral syndrome in military medical organizations PDF
Vol 335, No 9 (2014) Articles Substantiation and search of health indicators for military servicemen and civil population PDF
Vol 335, No 10 (2014) Articles Clinical findings, diagnostics and prevention of the barometeosensitivity syndrome under the conditions of the Far North PDF
Vol 334, No 1 (2013) Articles Shalakhin R.A., Sheppli E.V. — Medical Research in the US Armed Forces (Report 4)
Vol 334, No 2 (2013) Articles Medical Research in the US Armed Forces (Report 5)
Vol 334, No 6 (2013) Articles Current problems of information technologies application for forces medical service
Vol 334, No 4 (2013) Articles Modern aspects of combat maxillofacial trauma (Review of foreign scientific-medical publications during 2012—2013)
Vol 334, No 3 (2013) Articles Military veterans health care abroad (On the basis of US and British models)
Vol 334, No 9 (2013) Articles Early diagnosis of dementia with the help of MR-morphometry in patients with Parkinson’s disease
Vol 333, No 8 (2012) Articles Licensing of activity of medical subunits of military forces and commands of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation
Vol 333, No 12 (2012) Articles Medical Research in the US Armed Forces (Report 3). The US Army
Vol 333, No 7 (2012) Articles Medical service of British Armed Forces (Review of foreign Internet-publications)
Vol 333, No 10 (2012) Articles Medical Research in the US Armed Forces (Review of foreign internet-publications)
Vol 333, No 11 (2012) Articles Medical Research in the US Armed Forces (Report 2)
Vol 332, No 6 (2011) Articles Osnovnye pokazateli sostoyaniya zdorov'ya i zabolevaemosti otdel'nykh kategoriy voennosluzhashchikh, prokhodyashchikh sluzhbu po kontraktu

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