Vol 46, No 6 (2019)

Water resources and water objects regime

Studying the present-day dynamics of Lena delta by space images

Kravtsova V.I., Inyushin A.N.


The dynamics of Lena delta coastline since the late XX century up to the present time have been studied using Landsat satellite data. The comparison of different-time images of morphologically different segments of the delta coastline has shown the major portion of the delta to be stable. Minimal changes have been recorded near the mouths of the branches carrying a minor portion of the Lena runoff—the Olenekskaya and Tumatskie. In the eastern part of the delta, near the mouths of copious branches Trofimovskaya and Bykovskaya, no changes have taken place, as well as in its western part, which is represented by a part of abrasion marine terrace embraced by the delta. In the southwestern part, in the Olenek delta, the delta coastline has been eroded with the erosion material transported eastward by along-shore current. Near the mouths of the Tumatskaya branch, the forms of marine accumulation are unstable, and the marine terrace in the northeastern part of the delta shows a minor local erosion. The periods of erosion in different delta areas are not synchronous and the eroded zones are not large in size. No increment in the land, nor shore progradation have been seen.

Водные ресурсы. 2019;46(6):567-574
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Internal and external water exchange in nontidal river estuaries

Mikhailova M.V., Isupova M.V.


The types and specific features of the internal and external water exchange in nontidal deltas are discussed. The results of hydraulic calculation of water exchange in the branch–bypass–delta lake are given. The conclusions are confirmed by data of observations in several large nontidal and microtidal deltas.

Водные ресурсы. 2019;46(6):575-581
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Hydrophysical processes

River flow structure and its effect on pollutant distribution

Chashechkin Y.D., Rozental O.M.


Observations show that the space and time heterogeneity of river water composition persists over indefinite time even when the effect of pollutant sources and sinks is minor. The driving forces of such heterogeneity have been supposed and shown to be, among other factors, the stratification of water matrix. Studying the structure of water flow and its effect on pollutant distribution in water was based on a system of fundamental equations of the mechanics of a fluid with a free surface. It has been shown that such effect is due to the fine structure of flows, vortices, waves and highgradient interfaces (ligaments), which is formed and maintained by the motion of water masses. This conclusion extends our knowledge of the hydrological characteristics of water flow, enables one to better understand the nature of the heterogeneity of natural water composition, and it is of practical significance as such heterogeneity can be taken into account in making water management decisions.

Водные ресурсы. 2019;46(6):582-591
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Salinity variation modeling in the gulf of Taganrog during storm surge

Chikin A.L., Kleschenkov A.V., Chikina L.G.


Results of an analysis of observations of Gulf of Taganrog salinity during storm surge are presented and a detailed description of a mathematical model of the salt water transfer process is provided as well as the results of numerical computations.

Водные ресурсы. 2019;46(6):592-597
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Reanalysis data of wind fields above the caspian sea for Calculation of wind-induced waves

Lopatoukhin L.I., Yaitskaya N.A.


A database covering at least 30 years is required for calculation of the wind-induced waves mode in accordance with recommendations of the World Meteorological Organization. Continuous measurements of wind-induced waves for this period of time are missing or available only for a limited number of offshore strips. Typically this information is a result of calculations based on numerical (spectral) hydrodynamic models of the wind-induced waves while input data is information regarding wind from reanalyzes. Reanalysis can be used for calculation of wind-induced waves without any preliminary processing but not for all offshore zones. The Caspian Sea is used as an example to demonstrate an approach to revision of the National Centers for Environmental Prediction/National Center for Atmospheric Research reanalysis data and study results are provided.

Водные ресурсы. 2019;46(6):598-604
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Hydrochemistry. Hydrobiology, environmental aspects

Microelements speciations in bottom sediments of Udomlya and Pes’vo lakes

Lipatnikova O.A., Grigor’eva I.L., Shestakova T.V.


Microelements in bottom sediments may enter different compounds; however, of greatest interest are their mobile forms as the most bioavailable. The microelements speciation in the pore water and solid phase of bottom sediments were studied in the cooling reservoir of the Kalinin NPP (lakes Udomlya and Pes’vo).

Водные ресурсы. 2019;46(6):605-612
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Natural radionuclides 238U, 226RA, AND 222RN in the surface water of the ELKONSKY uranium-ore district (South Yakutiya)

Chevychelov A.P., Sobakin P.I., Kuznetsova L.I.


Chemical composition of the surface water and the contents of the radionuclides 238U, 226Ra, and 222Rn in water was examined within the natural and man-made landscapes of South Yakutiya. It was demonstrated that intense water migration of these radionuclides from radioactive dump pits of the man-made landscapes of the Elkonsky uranium-ore district, which were created during the process of wide-scale exploration surveys for radioactive raw materials conducted during the last third of the 20th century, had occurred. Currently, the areas of water dissipation of 238U and 226Ra are detected at a distances of 2 km and greater from the source of the radioactive contamination along the outflow vector.

Водные ресурсы. 2019;46(6):613-620
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Ecological–microbiological studies of lake Beloe in winter and spring with the use of innovation test-systems

Mosharova I.V., Il’inskii V.V., Mosharov S.A., Akulova A.Y.


Chlorophyll a concentration, the total abundance of bacteria, the number of bacterial cells with active metabolism, and the abundance of saprotrophic bacteria were studied in the surface and bottom water layers of Lake Beloe in winter and spring 2015–2016. The abundance of sanitary-indicator microorganisms was determined for the first time with the use of Petrifilm test-systems (3MTM Petrifilm™). In most cases, Lake Beloe water in spring and winter was found to correspond to eutrophic level (in terms of chlorophyll a concentration in water) and polysaprobic status (in terms of microbiological indices). By its sanitary-microbiological characteristics, the lake is clear—the values of the total microbial count, determined with the use of test-systems 3M™ Petrifilm™ Aqua (AQHC), were <1000 CFU/mL, and the abundance of coliform bacteria, determined with the use of test-systems 3M™ Petrifilm™ Aqua (AQСC), varied from 20 to 135 CFU/100 mL. Coliform bacteria were mostly found in the bottom water layer. It was shown that, in the organization of ecological–microbiological studies, special attention is to be paid to the bottom horizons of water bodies.

Водные ресурсы. 2019;46(6):621-628
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Phosphorus effluence in artificial water reservoirs of Kalmykiya from cattle breeding companies

Ulanova S.S., Novikova N.M.


Artificial water reservoirs in Kalmykiya, which has limited water resources, were developed for a potable water supply for the local population, cattle breeding, and irrigation. Currently, they are strongly contaminated by biogenic substances. Calculations are provided in this study that confirm the hypothesis that cattle breeding (watering points of cattle and run-off from cattle breeding areas) developed in the water catchment area suppl 1–2 tons or from 20 to 700 g of phosphorus per 1 m2 of water surface per year in the absence of other contaminants; this is the main reason that phosphorus content in all water reservoirs exceeds the maximum allowable concentration established for fishery water reservoirs (MACf) by tens of thousands of times. The highest proportion (80%) of the overall volume of incoming phosphorus originates from the bovine cattle. Phosphorus loads exceed the allowed and critical values for functioning of the water ecosystem by from 1 to 3 orders of magnitude, forming conditions for eutrophication and rendering water of these reservoirs unsuitable for potable water supply, including for cattle watering points.

Водные ресурсы. 2019;46(6):629-637
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Water use, economic and legal aspects

Regional problems of water use for Siberian industrial agglomerations

Taseiko O.V., Moskvichev V.V., Chernykh D.A.


This research is devoted to identification and assessment of basic indicators for regional water use as one of components of social-natural-technogenic system. Basic indicators are estimated on the example of Siberian industrial agglomerations such as Krasnoyarsk and the Kemerovo regions. These regions are considered as pilot for development of the social-natural-technogenic systems’ concept. Identification of basic indicators is a first stage in the problem of sustainable regional development risks assessment.

Водные ресурсы. 2019;46(6):638-637
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